Users can lock files in File Manager preventing other users from making modifications.  This is typically done when a file is being updated outside of Kahua and the user updating the file does not want others to make changes.  This feature can also be used if the file has been finalized and the user does not want additional changes to the file.  Only the user that locks a file and Kahua Administrators can unlock a file.  Users can also lock and download the file at the same time.  To lock a file:

1. Navigate to the File Manager app
2. Navigate to the appropriate folder
3. Select the appropriate file
4. Click the Lock or Lock and Download button
5. Click OK

The file will be locked until the users that locked the File or a Kahua Administrator unlocks the file.  The user that locked the file can upload new versions of the file while it is locked.  Users will still be able to view and download a locked file.