Users can import and export data from Kahua to Microsoft Excel.  This allows users to work with the data outside of the system.  It also allows mass importing of data from other systems.  The import/export action is a platform feature that is available in most apps. 

To export a list from Kahua:

1. Navigate to the appropriate app
2. Click the Export button
3. Select what you want to export (the default is to export all data including headers and lookup values)
4. Click the Ok button
5. Select the destination where you wish to save the Excel file

Once the file is on your computer, you may edit existing records as well as add new records. Columns that are lookup values in Kahua will remain as lookup values in Excel.  Users can only pick from the available values. Users should avoid trying to make modifications to the Excel file such as adding columns or deleting columns as this may cause errors in the import process.

To import a file back into Kahua:
1. Navigate to the app where the original Excel file was exported from
2. Click the Import button
3. Navigate to the Excel file on your computer
4. Click the Open button
5. The file will upload in Kahua, click the Ok button when complete

The system will show the import results. Kahua checks for conflicts when importing data. The information in a live system may change while the Excel file is being updated offline. When importing a list of data, Kahua checks to see if any items have been changed in the live system since the data was exported.  If any items have been changed, Kahua ignores any updates from the import file related to items that were changed in the live system.