Kahua has a messaging system that allows users to communicate with both Kahua and non-Kahua users.  All documents and files in Kahua can be sent through the Messaging app or from any app in the system.  When sending a message, the sender can select from a list of users, or they can manually enter an email address not in the Contact database.  As long as the email address syntax is valid, Kahua will attempt to send the email.  

Users can also choose to receive copies of all Kahua messages as emails.  Users can set this option in the My Profile app.  The default is for all messages to be copied to a user's email.  The email address used is the same address used by the user to log into Kahua.  

To send a message in Kahua:

1. Navigate to the Messages app or use the Send action within any Kahua application
2. Enter the reciepients in the To, Cc and Bcc fields (Users can select contacts from the database or enter valid email addresses)
3. Enter the Subject and Body
4. Attach any appropriate files
5. Click the Send button

Users are also able to receive emails from outside of Kahua from a variety of methods. See the links below for more details:
Sending Emails Into Kahua

Using the Outlook Plugin