You are able to publish your information to the Kahua Global Community, making it easier for other companies to collaborate with you and maintain accurate information. You can choose whether or not to make your information public in the community. The community is only visible by other Kahua users. Once your profile is available in the community, Kahua users from other sites can copy your information to their Kahua list of contacts. Once copied, their record can stay in sync with your global profile. As you change your information, that information will be updated for every company that copied the record and kept it in sync.

To manage your profile:
1. Click on your Name in the top right-hand corner of Kahua
2. Click on the Account Settings option
3. Click on your name in the log
4. Edit your record as needed
5. Make sure the Publish button is selected if you want your information to be available in the global community
6. Click the Save button when done