Manage a list of companies and people from the Contacts app in Kahua. Companies and people can be created from scratch or copied from public profiles in the Kahua Global Community. The Kahua Global Community is made up of other Kahua users from your site and other Kahua sites that have made their information public. Companies and contacts copied from the community can stay in sync with the global record minimizing the amount of maintenance in the Contacts app.

To create a Company:

Note:  Kahua recommends searching and adding from the Community first before manually creating a contact to help reduce data entry time and potential duplicates

Creating a New Contact : Kahua Support

  1. First search the Community app for the company, if not found, then
  2. Navigate to the Contact app
  3. Click on the Companies tab
  4. Click the New button
  5. Enter the company's information
  6. Click the Save button when done

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