Permissions in Kahua are managed and controlled through the use of Groups.  Groups are made up of one or many Kahua contacts.  Groups may or may not be permissions related.  The permission structure in Kahua is hierarchical.  Permissions can be assigned at the site level or at a particular area of the product.  The image below shows a typical setup for a company, Acworth Concrete and Steel Structure  who decided to set up their system by Region first and then by Project.

Acworth Concrete and Steel Structure

~~~~~~~~> Other Acworth Projects

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>Project 2

When assigning permissions, a user can be assigned to a group at the Company level.  Permissions cascade down, so a user would have the same permissions by default to the Other Acworth Projects.  However, the user could be assigned to different permission groups at the Project 2 level or on a Project another level deeper.

Users can be members of multiple permissions groups.  If a user has conflicting permissions in the same area or project, Kahua will give the user the higher of the conflicting permissions.

To add or change permissions for a group:

1. Navigate to the appropriate area of the system or project in the Partition Selector (circled above)

2. Navigate to the Groups app

3. Select the appropriate group that you want to edit

4. Click on the Permissions tab (underlined above)

5. Click the Edit button

All apps loaded to the system will appear (see below).

6. Click on the app you wish to make permission changes to

7. Select the Override radio button if you wish to change the inheritance of permissions from the next highest level in the system structure (in the example above, the user is in Project 2 and could choose to inherit permissions from the Other Projects project)

8. Select one or many roles for the application by selecting the roles checkboxes (the actions available for each role are listed)

9. Repeat steps 6-8 for all applications you wish to make permissions changes to

10. Click the Save button when complete