Users with the appropriate permission can configure an application which includes enabling and disabling apps, adding lists, making fields required, setting default values, changing the numbering system and modifying lookup lists.

An app can either have auto-numbering or manual numbering.  Kahua also allows users to include a prefix or suffix. To change the numbering system for an app:

1. Navigate to the appropriate app
2. Click the Configure button in the app options icon (shown below)

3. Click on the Number tab
4. Click the Override radio button (the configuration inherits from the project or area one level above the current project or area you are in. Clicking override allows you to configure the project or area you are currently in without affecting other projects or areas)
5. Select the appropriate numbering method, include a prefix or suffix as needed, choose whether to allow duplicates, select the number width if using auto-numbering
6. Click the Save button when done