Often times, users will need to create multiple letters with the same content that will be sent to recipients as individual letters instead of a single letter that is addressed to all recipients.  For example, when creating Notice To Proceed letters, users may want multiple letters with the same content that appear addressed only to each individual.  However, when creating a letter communicating on-site work hours, it may be appropriate to have one letter addressed to multiple recipients, in which case users would not perform Step 5 below.

To create individually addressed letters, perform the following actions:

1. In the Communications app, create a New Letter

2. Add all recipients to the To attribute

3. Complete the Body with the desired content

4. Save

5. From the preview, click the Create Individual button

The result will create multiple letter records uniquely addressed to each person in the To attribute.  This action is only available prior to signing or submitting for signature.  If using the signature feature, each letter must be created first and then signed individually.