Kahua Network Routing Requirements:

Effective December 22, 2019: The static IP range for the Kahua production network is through

Kahua utilizes Akamai to provide network connectivity between the host and the Kahua production network for end users. The DNS address service.kahua.com used by all of the Kahua hosts point to the Akamai DNS servers. Akamai will determine the optimal network path, and will return an IP address that routes along that path. Akamai has thousands of endpoints around the globe, all with an associated IP address.

If network constraints do not allow access to the Akamai endpoints, a static DNS entry of can be supplied to the user for any query to service.kahua.com.

Prior to December 22, 2019, the static IP range prior to for the Kahua production network was through  The static DNS entry for any query to service.kahua.com was

Kahua Windows Host Standard and Enterprise Installers:

Kahua provides enterprise installers for its Kahua Windows Host in both an MSI file and an executable file format.  The installers can be downloaded from the following links:



Instructions for using the enterprise installers can be found in this article.  Click here.

The standard end user installer for the Kahua Windows Host can be found at either: