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April 2015 Release Notes

A video overview of this release can be viewed here:

Platform Features

New Embedded Viewer

Kahua has replaced the embedded viewer used to view Kahua portable views and uploaded files.  This was done to resolve problems users have had viewing some large files as well as to correct printing problems a handful of users have experienced.  The primary difference is that now printing and saving from the viewer is handled by the browser’s default PDF reader instead of being handled by Kahua.  This means when using the Print action in the viewer control, the PDF file will be opened in a new browser tab, where users can print or save as desired. 


Shared Lists With Filtering

Sharing now supports filtering so that share recipients will only have access to a subset of records that meet the defined criteria.  This can be used to restrict the content share recipients can see.  In the example below, Wealthy Developers, Inc. will only be able to see RFIs where the Author attribute contains “Wealthy Developers”, in effect limiting RFIs to only those authored by that specific company.  Another use may be if you only want to share Closed RFIs with a company, you can manipulate the filtering based on the RFI Status.  As attribute values on the RFI are updated, the RFI may be displayed/hidden from recipients based on the criteria.  Additionally, you can create complex filter statements by using AND, OR and grouping controls as well as update the filter criteria for existing shares at any time, even shares that are active.  This filtering is always enforced for the recipient and they cannot modify the filter criteria.  Note this is being released initially in the RFI application and will be included in other applications in future releases.



Invites from Groups App

The Groups app has been updated and now allows sending Kahua invitations directly from the app.  Any non-registered Contact will have an “Invite To Kahua” action enabled.  Once invited, the Invitation Status column will populate with the Date/Time of the invitation.  Upon registration, the status will change to “Registered”.  You can send an invitation to an unregistered contact as many times as needed; the most recent invitation date/time will be displayed in the list.  Additional enhancements include the ability to search for members and sort the columns. 


Cart Sharing in the kStore

Kahua now provides the ability to pre-define carts in the kStore.  This allows you to pick a selection of apps that you want to recommend for purchase to other project participants.  To use this feature, add items to your cart and after logging in to the kStore, select the “Share Cart” link.  This will display a field to create a new order code.  Enter in a value and click “Create” to save the code.  You can also enter in your or anyone else’s email to have a link sent.  Once the code has been created, purchasers can access the shared cart directly via the link or in the kStore by clicking “Have an order code?”.  This code is re-usable and can be modified at any time by updating the selected apps and using the same code in the “Share Cart” link. 

Mobile Updates

The iOS and Android apps have been updated with a significant styling change to make content more readable and data entry more user-friendly.  Download the appropriate app for your device:

Kahua Mobile for iOS on iTunes
Kahua Mobile for Android on Google Play

Report Styling Changes

Many of the pre-defined Kahua and user-defined custom reports have been updated to a consistent look and feel.  Styling for unchanged reports will be updated in a future release.


Additional Items

Various performance improvements, user interface updates and error fixes.



Applications – Available in the kStore

Design Review by Five Box

Design Review automates the review process from identification of review items to decision and approval.

Demonstration video and discount code available at:


Features include:

  • Identify design review items by drawing set, sheet number, and section/detail
  • Initiate Bluebeam® markups from files attached to design review items
  • Extract Bluebeam annotations to auto-create Review Comments
  • Create action items to distribute tasks and gather input from involved parties
  • Collaborate back and forth using Kahua® comments feature
  • Craft final responses and send to the necessary parties for approval

Additionally, the out-of-the-box Design Review workflow provides the flexibility for open collaboration among internal team members and the ability to assign a coordinator to ensure responses are clear, accurate, and comprehensive before sending for approval or marking complete.  By using the Design Review application, you will help ensure that all design comments are tracked and appropriately addressed so that nothing slips through the cracks. This leads to a more complete and coordinated set of construction documents, reducing the potential for changes during construction.

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