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Viewing a Report

There are several ways to generate reports from Kahua.  For more information on reporting, refer to Generating Reports in Kahua.

To view a built-in or customized report, complete the following steps: 
  1. Navigate to the partition or project you want to report on.
  2. Open the application for the report you want to run.
  3. Click the Reports  icon in the Action bar. Standard reports and reports that have been created by your organization with the report wizard will appear here. For more information on creating reports with the report wizard, refer to Using the Report Wizard.
  4. Select a report from the list.
  5. Depending on how the report was set up, you may be able to apply a filter to the report or select which projects to include in the report.  
    • Reports that were created with the report wizard can be filtered by fields that are included in the report.  If the field you want to filter by does not appear in the filter list, it must be added to the report.  For more information on adding fields to reports created with the report wizard, refer to Using the Report Wizard
    • If the report is set up to do so, you can select one or more projects to report on. Only projects that are available at your current position in the hierarchy will be available for selection.  For example, if you are in the Northeast division partition, projects in the Northeast division will be available for selection.  If you want to include all of your projects, you must navigate to the domain level before running the report.
  6. To see the report in Kahua, click View.  To download a version of the report without a preview, select Download.  Different formats will be available in different applications, including PDF, CSV, and TXT.
  7. From the report view, you have several options for viewing or saving the report.
    • To open the report in PDF format or to download the report in CSV or XLSX from this view, click the Download  icon.
    • To send the report to another Kahua user or group of Kahua users, click the Send  icon.
    • To save the report in Kahua, select the Save to Kahua  icon.
  8. To modify the logo used in the report, update your company record in the Company Profiles app. For more information, refer to Company Profiles.

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