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The Project Directory app consolidates all contacts and companies working on your project in one place. After building out the Project Directory, the contact select will be narrowed down to those in the Project Directory. Within the application you are also able to set groups for individuals or the company and enable sharing for the companies.

  1. First, ensure you are in the appropriate Project.
  2. Access Project Directory from the App repository. After opening the app, notice two tabs – People and Companies. 

Adding People to the Directory 

  1. In the People tab, click New. (There is also the option to Add from Group to quickly add groups of individuals. If Groups are not set up for your company, see the Kahua article about Groups)
  2. After selecting NewFill out appropriate details for the person you are adding:
    • Select the Name of the person from the contact select list of all people listed in the Contacts app;  Note: The company field and the person’s information (Title, Direct number and email) will automatically populate.
    • If the person is not yet available in the list, Click Add Person (if your permissions allow) to add a person to the Contacts. 
    • After selecting the person from the Contact lookup, choose the Office location for that person, if different from what defaults.
    • Update the Contact Team Role, Contact Team Function and Status on Project for the person.  
    • Notes – Input any notes you want to make about the individual.
    • References – You can upload attachments regarding the individual such as a bio document.
    • Click Save/Close. A
      1. Once the contact is saved in the directory and selected in the Log View, the following actions are available:
        • The Name and Company are linked to the Contacts app. Click directly on the Name or Company to be taken to the contact card in the Contacts App.
        • Add the individual to a group. To do so, the group must first be created by you (if you have permission) or the domain administrator for your company.
        • If the person is not a Kahua user, you will be able to Invite to Kahua directly from the project directory once the record is saved.
    • Select the Companies tab. Click New.  Note: The companies of people that have been added to the project directory will already be listed under companies.
    • Fill out the company information, noting the following:
      • Select the Name of the company from list of companies in the Contacts app.
      • Choose the Office location for that company, if different from what defaults.
      • Input the Status on Project, CSI Codes (if applicable), Project Role and Function for the Company.   
      • You can set Default Groups for the Company. Once the default group is set for the company, any person that you add to the Project Directory for that company will be added to the default group automatically.
    • In the Team Contacts section, you can quickly Insert rows and add people for that company into the application along with the persons team role and any project notes.
    • Click Save/Close.

Contact Selection Field

After the people have been added into the Project Directory app, there will be an option in all other apps for the contact select fields, this limits the results to only Project Directory. Uncheck the box if you want to see all people from the Contacts app. If the Project Directory is not being used on a project, the checkbox will not be displayed.

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