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September 2014 Release Notes

A video overview of this release can be viewed here:


Included in this month's release:

·         Portable View Templates

Admins now have the ability to define portable views that are generated when using the “View” action within an app.  This functionality is available in the RFI app and will be available in other Document Management and Cost Management applications in the coming months.  A sample RFI template that mimics the Kahua system portable view is available below.

Creating a Template

Use the following steps to create a document template utilizing Microsoft Word:

1.       In Microsoft Word or any other authoring tool, enter the desired content and information

2.       For entries in the document where a Kahua attribute should be used to fill in a value, specify the appropriate token.  Tokens can be located in Configuration for each app on the Template Tokens section of the Portable Views.  Use the clipboard icon to copy a specific token to your clipboard and then paste to Word.


3.       Save the template document on your local machine

4.       In Configuration, upload the template document to the appropriate application.  Note:  Adding a template at your domain root will allow the template to be used in all projects.  Adding a template to a specific project will only allow the template to be used in that project as well as any children to that project.


Using a Template

Each project will by default inherit from its parent.  To enable a template on a specific project, you will need to update the configuration.

1.      Make the template available to the project by including it on the Templates Configuration tab

2.      Set the desired template as in use when viewing.  Note that only templates marked as “Include” from Step 1 above are available.



A few points for consideration:

o   By default, the Kahua system view will appear on all Kahua documents and inherit down through your project structure

o   Configuration changes will also update any child projects that are set to “Inherit”

o   Any PDF portable views previously rendered will not be changed.  To update the portable view on an existing record, you will need to edit the record and re-save it.



·         Hiding and Relabeling Kahua Attributes

Admins now have the ability to relabel or hide specific fields.  This functionality is available in the RFI app and will be available in other Document Management and Cost Management applications in the coming months.  Attributes can be changes in Configuration under the “Fields” tab.  Once a field is relabeled, the changes will be reflected within the app edit and preview views as well as the system portable view.  Hidden fields will no longer be displayed on the edit or preview views, however, the system portable view will not be updated.  It is advised that you create a custom portable view to remove hidden fields.  This functionality also included inheritance, so any changes made will also impact child projects. 



·         Several additional new applications are now available!  Please visit the kStore for details. 


·         Various performance improvements, user interface updates and error fixes.


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