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Creating Multiple Individually Addressed Communications Simultaneously

Often, users need to create multiple communications with the same content that will be distributed to recipients as individual communications, instead of a single communication that is addressed to all recipients.  For example, when creating Notice To Proceed letters, users may want multiple letters with the same content that appear to be addressed only to a single company/individual.  However, when creating a letter communicating on-site work hours, it may be appropriate to have one letter addressed to multiple recipients; in this scenario, users would omit Step 5 below.

To create individually addressed communications, do the following:

1.  Log into Kahua and navigate to the appropriate partition

2.  Click Apps, and open Communications

3.  Click the dropdown arrow next to New, and select a communication type

4.  Select all recipients in the To tag box

        a.  If an individual is not already a contact, they can be added to Contacts by clicking Add Person

5.  Input all necessary information and click Save

6.  From the preview, click the Create Individual button

7.  The result will create multiple communications uniquely addressed to each recipient in the To field

        a.  This action is only available prior to signing or submitting for signature, if applicable

        b.  If using the signature feature, each communication must be created first and then signed individually

8.  To proceed, click on one of the newly created communications to an individual recipient and click Send

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