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Anonymous File Access Settings

Anonymous file links allow for users to send unique URL links to any Kahua user or non-user, to allow for local download of file(s) from File Manager. The link is not an active ‘share’ like mentioned in other articles detailing sharing applications, but instead allows for users to send a URL to non-Kahua users that they may access for a set period of time to locally download the file(s) sent.

The main benefits / use cases of using this feature include:

  1. Recipient does not need to be a Kahua user to receive the file(s)
  2. Domain Administrators may define a period of time for which the link will be active; after that period of time, the recipient will no longer have access to download the file
  3. The file download will access / pull the latest version of the document for the recipient (based off Kahua version control), unless set otherwise (see below)
  4. Given this is not a dynamic share (the recipient cannot update or contribute to the document – is static once downloaded locally on their end), this allows for a bypass of the email file size limits that might be encountered should the user simply send file(s) through an email message. This is NOT the right solution if you intend to collaborate with a third party (two-way collaboration) on a folder or several records. In that case, please see article on Initiating App Shares.

As a Domain Admin, you have the following options to configure this tool. 

To configure your Anonymous File Link settings, navigate to the partition at which you wish to configure. Open Configuration on the Applications tab, and navigate to the File Manager configuration tab Settings.

NOTE: Configuration for Anonymous File Links adheres to the inheritance model, meaning you may configure the below settings at a particular partition or project, and the settings will inherit down through your hierarchy unless overridden elsewhere. To set these settings for your entire domain, ensure you are at the ‘root’ (company name listed in the Navigation bar).

  • Enabling / Disabling ‘Anonymous File Links’ –  To disable the ‘Send Link’ function in the File Manager application for all users, regardless of permissions to File Manager, uncheck the box next to the field Allow anonymous file access. You can do so on a Domain level in Domain Settings.
  • Setting Timeframe for Links to Expire – you may determine the default time frame for which the links sent to recipients will be active; after this period of time (listed in days), the link will no longer be valid and the user will need to resend a new link to the recipient should they need to download another file. If listed as ‘0’, the link will never expire. 
  • Auto-Expire All Links When New Version Uploaded – by default, the system will allow recipients to access the latest version of Kahua file(s) shared. If this is checked, the recipient will download the version of the document(s) as of when the link was sent, even if later version of the document have been uploaded in the meantime.


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