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July 2014 Release Notes

Included in this month's release:


·         Kahua will be updating how files are stored within our platform.  The result of this change will reduce file storage and improve performance.  More importantly, Kahua and our app developers will now have the ability to store and access versioned files within any application.  File versioning is currently only available in File Manager, but with this change, we anticipate future functionality for file versioning in our attachments and references controls as well as any other area that users can upload files.  Due to this change, our release window has been extended to twelve hours.


·         Updates to Share Invitation Tasks

Recipients of sharing invitations will now have the ability to accept the invite to an existing project or create a new project, all within the context of the invitation task.  In the event the recipient does not have an existing project on their domain, they will be required to create a new project prior to accepting the invitation.  Additionally, after accepting an invitation, the destination project will be “remembered”, so that if an invite is received for another app or folder from the same project, the destination project will be pre-selected in the task.  Note:  The pre-selection of a project will be enabled after the first sharing invitation into a specific project is accepted. 



·         User defined views now support multi-level sorting


·         Import/Export is now available in the Work Breakdown app


·         Several new applications are now available!  Please visit the kStore for details. 


·         Various performance improvements, user interface updates and error fixes.


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