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November 2018 Release Notes

In addition to various performance improvements, user interface updates and error corrections, this release will also include:

Desktop Hosts

In App Help Content (Windows only)

Kahua has incorporated several videos to assist users with common activities.  These videos can be accessed by clicking the circled “?” icon in the app bar for apps that have content. 

These videos, along with PDF materials, can be configured by an Administrator.  For more information, please see our article on Managing Videos and Documentation

Status Dialog

Kahua has added a Status icon to the lower right of the footer to indicate the status of File Syncing, Domain Requests and My Pending Actions.  Each of these functions are explained in detail below. 

File Sync (Windows Only)

Working with files in Kahua just became a whole lot easier!  Users now have the ability to sync File Manager to a folder on their local PC.  Syncing will push physical files from Kahua to the user's PC, at which point the user can open and modify the file using its native application.  Once changes have been saved and the file closed, Kahua will sync the file back into the Kahua platform where it will be distributed to any other users who have also synced that project.  File sync is a great solution when working in areas that do not have an internet connection, since the files are stored locally on your PC, you do not need an active internet connection and can work on them offline.  Once reconnected, any changes will be pushed back into Kahua and files added by others will also be retrieved.  Kahua has also incorporated a file conflict checker to warn users in the event two users have modified the file at the same time.  If a conflict is detected, users will be given the option to create a new version of the file or discard their changes.  

File Sync is controlled by a new Role in the Groups app for File Manager called "Sync".  This role will need to be enabled by an administrator before users can begin syncing files.  A Kahua Platform License is required to enable File Sync.

To learn how to set up File Sync, visit our article on Kahua File Sync

Domain Requests

Domain requests are now shown in the Status dialog accessed via the Status icon in the footer.  Domain requests encompass activity across the entire domain and are generally requests that occur asynchronously.  For example, when copying new projects, the requests will be queued and progress can be monitored from the Status dialog.  Toggle between Pending and Completed for additional information or use the Refresh icon for updates. 

My Pending Actions

My Pending Actions shows a summary of results due to multi-select actions invoked by you.  For example, when using the Multi-Delete functionality, the results are displayed in the My Pending Actions section of the Status dialog.


Multi-select delete is now available. The feature is enabled for our base Punch List and RFI applications; it will be added to additional apps in the future. To delete multiple records at once, click the check box next to the appropriate document.   Once records have been selected, a Delete action will be available at the top of the column header (1).  Click “Delete” to perform the action on the selected records.  The Status feature at the bottom right of the host window indicates the status of the request.  In the event a record cannot be deleted, the record will remain selected in the log and the user will be notified in the status window (2).


A new system level group “API User” has been added.  This group is used to perform API operations that may be in place to support integrations and other methods that call the Kahua APIs.  This group only appears at the domain root and cannot be modified. 

User Registration

When inviting a new user to Kahua, the inviter will receive a Message that the invitee has completed registration.  Additionally, the inviter will be automatically added to the invitee’s Contacts. 

Work Breakdown Expand/Collapse All

The Work Breakdown app has been updated with the ability to Expand All / Collapse All from the column header so users can quickly see the entire hierarchy.  Please note, depending on the number of levels in the hierarchy and the number of codes, it can take a few seconds to display the entire tree. 

Subcontractor Daily Reports

Subcontractor Daily Reports – Kahua has created a new experience for Subcontractors utilizing Kahua’s Daily Reports.  This new extension has been optimized for us by subs with the following enhancements:

  • Track internal labor hours – Identify the employee, activity code, hours worked and more
  • Track equipment usage by Activity Code – You can now indicate the activity code for the equipment on site
  • An enhanced mobile experience – We’ve improved the mobile applications to make it easier for your people to record their daily reports in the field

Note:  This enhancement is not pre-loaded.  Please contact to have this functionality added to your domain. 

Mac Host

Download the latest Mac host on the Mac store - Kahua for Mac

  • Addition of features already available on the Windows host:
    • Grouping of Items (Hub apps)
    • Open App in new window
    • Report Wizard functionality
  • Improvements to the user interface of the header bar to improve formatting and spacing and remove shifting of application icons
  • Addition of log refresh action
  • Various bug fixes

Kahua for Mobile

The following changes have been made to Kahua for iOS and Android:

  • Redesign of Tasks and Messages list and details views
  • Redesign of Items Grid
  • Various bug fixes

Kahua Host Updates

All Kahua hosts have been updated with various enhancements and bug fixes.  The Windows host will automatically update upon first launch after the release.

Download the appropriate app for your device:

Kahua for Mac

Kahua Mobile for iOS on iTunes

Kahua Mobile for Android on Google Play

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