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Contact Management Overview

Kahua is a collaborative platform that allows users to work together to effectively manage project delivery. The following information is meant to help Domain Administrator’s understand how to manage both internal and external contacts by utilizing several different applications.

It is important to understand the apps available to help manage your interaction with other internal and external users. Below is a high-level conceptual overview of each app followed by more detailed instructions.  

People – the People tab is a company-wide list of contacts and extends across the entire domain (not project specific). People in this list could be Kahua users or non-users and represents all contacts that your company engages with on a project. If you want to add a person to any Kahua record they will need to be in the people list. Kahua Users can be identified by a globe icon next to their name. A Kahua snowflake represents that user is a domain administrator for their company. For more information on how to add a Contact, see here

Companies - the Companies tab is a company-wide list of companies and extends across the entire domain (not project specific). Companies in this list may be companies with or without domains/Kahua access; prior to adding a person to the people list, you should first add or create the company (instructions below). For more information on how to add a Company, see here.

Community - Collection of all profiles of companies and users with active accounts within Kahua. Users can see companies and people who already use Kahua. From here you can select Add to Contacts (as long as you have permission) to engage with that person on your project, their contact card and company details will be added to the People and Companies tabs. If they are not found in the Community, the company or user does not have a Kahua account. For more information on the Community, see here.

Users - the Users app lets Domain Administrators invite Contacts to their domain. This is typically used for internal employees who should join the company domain. Within this app, licenses can be assigned simultaneously. For information on the Users app, see here.

Kahua Invitations - Domain Administrators can make custom invitation templates to send to external parties. These templates can streamline creating a new company, selecting appropriate licenses, setting up the project on their domain, and setting up any relevant shares. For more details, see the section on Kahua Invitations

Groups – Groups determine what permissions users have for specific apps for a Domain or for a specific partition level and beneath. For information on Groups and permissions, see here.

Licenses – A license is required for every user that needs access to applications. The Kahua Standard License will provide access to File Manager and several Document Management Applications. The Cost License will provide access to the Cost Suite of apps. See the Licenses section for more details.

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