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Budget (Funding Budget)

NOTE: The below article details this feature for our customers utilizing our Kahua for Owner’s and Kahua for GC’s applications, which excludes custom workflow or configuration. Specific customer configuration, customers utilizing other versions of these applications, or custom application features may differ in functionality or processes to those outlined below. For more details on training guides specific to your company, please check with your company IT or Domain Administrator prior to submitting a request to Kahua Support. 

Creating a Budget

The Budget application allows you to establish a project budget. Note that the budget will be displayed in the Work Breakdown app in specific columns based upon the status of the Budget. To access the Funding Budget application, open the Apps repository. Under the Cost Management suite of applications, click on Funding.  

This will launch the Funding Applications which may include a portion (or all) of the below based on your company’s configuration:

To create a new Funding budget, select the Budget tab, then click the New button to open a new budget. Notice a new form on the right side of the screen. Populate the Funding Budget Details such as Subject, Description, Template, Status, Type, Author, and Notes. 

If you choose to use the available workflow options, you will not need to enter dates in the Dates & Workflow section manually as this will increment for you as it routes through workflow. 

To add budget line items, navigate to the Items grid. Keep in mind, you have the option to budget at a high level or build out the Schedule of Values depending on how your project should report cost. Note that you will be required to commit (enter contracts / change orders) downstream at a detailed level (most detailed cost codes), but you may choose to budget at a higher level. To add multiple line items, determine how many lines you will need and click Insert. Select the applicable cost code and fill out the remaining details regarding this budget. Do not update the Status on each line. 

To view the Funding Budget Item in further detail, click more details icon next to the Funding Budget Item number. This view allows for additional detail on the item such as the Scope of Work, Notes, and additional Comments. If multiple Funding Budget Items exist, you can use the Previous and Next action buttons to sort through the Items.


Click Done once all budget detail has been provided.


Documents can be attached to this Funding Budget under the References section. The user can either Upload a document saved on their computer, Add Kahua Doc to reference a document that is stored within Kahua’s File Manager application or Add Approval Doc which is used anytime a record is being routed for Review or Signature. 

Once all Funding Budget detail has been filled out, click Save/Close. Prior to submitting into any workflow, typically an approval doc should be created which will define the document that you wish approvers to review.


Budget Action Buttons

Once the Budget fields have been completed and saved, the users can select from several actions:

  • Send - Use messaging to send record details to others (do not confuse with a workflow – this is not an approval process but a static message to share details with another individual)
  • Edit - Update and maintain the budget; once in workflow (out for approval), this will not be available 
  • Process - Copying a budget within a project; often used if a user wishes to maintain a version of an estimated budget prior to copying it and creating the approved budget
  • View - This action button displays the Portable View (document PDF view)
  • Delete - Select this action button to delete a budget (typically permission based, so not all may see this)
  • History - All updates/changes are tracked 


Do not confuse Sending with using the workflow buttons in any application. Budget documents (and any record in an application) can be sent via a message within Kahua to either existing Kahua users or users outside of Kahua by entering their email address and clicking Enter. The Funding Budget documents are treated as attachments, and the message can be copied to the Communications application by checking the box.



The budget can be updated as needed during the process. If the document is out for Review or Signature, Edit will not be available.



If a budget is required to be copied, select the Process action button process, to copy the existing budget fields into a new budget. The target application indicates the application this budget is being processed to. Note: it is defaulted to Funding Budget since this is a copy. 



Funding Budgets can be viewed as a Portable View in which a PDF version of the Budget data is generated and can be printed out. Select the PDF Icon to generate a printable PDF version of the Funding Budget document. 



The History action button provides details regarding all activity (Creation, Updates, Saves, etc.) performed on the Funding Budget. To see specific detail related to the updates made, click the View Edit button.



If approval workflow has not yet been configured for this application in Kahua, increment the status manually by using the ‘Set To’  button at the bottom of the record. The option to manually Set To Projected, Pending, Approved, or Approved & Lock. The selection will determine where the values are on the Work Breakdown. 


If workflow is being used on the project, Kahua supports both a review process and a formal signature process. For more details of how Kahua approval processes work, see the Submitting into Workflow section.


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