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September 2019 Release Notes

In addition to various performance improvements, user interface updates and error corrections, this release will also include:

Desktop Hosts

Multi-Edit / Multi-Delete

The following apps have been updated with support for Multi-Edit and Multi-Delete:

  • Project Directory 
  • Field Observations
  • File Manager

Kahua will continue to add this functionally to additional apps in upcoming releases.  

File Sync

Local Files (File Sync) - Users can delete files locally. When deleting a file locally, you will need to confirm the deletion in the Kahua host prior to the file being sent to the Recycle Bin.  If users delete files locally while Kahua is not running, they will be prompted on login to confirm that they want to delete the file in File Manager. Note: Kahua permissions apply. If the user does not have permission, the file will re-download to their device.


Local Files (File Sync) - Fixed issue where a user without permissions would receive an empty Platform Error dialog box when opening the configuration module.


The Snapshot tool has been updated and moved into the Kahua host.  For more information on Snapshot, please visit the kStore.

OAuth 2.0

We now support OAuth 2.0.  Organizations that have integrations with Kahua can now make inbound/outbound calls using the OAuth 2.0 protocol.  OAuth 2.0 can be used with the Kahua Platform API for inbound and outbound API calls.  Other types of API calls, like for Inflows, Outflows or SSO are not supported.  

Kahua Host Updates

All Kahua hosts have been updated with various enhancements and bug fixes.  The Windows host will automatically update upon first launch after the release.

Download the appropriate app for your device:

Kahua for Mac

Kahua Mobile for iOS on iTunes

Kahua Mobile for Android on Google Play

Windows Host

Added Done button to Items Grid modal to assist user in understanding when the modal is closed that their changes would be saved.


Added application icons for General Invoices, Allowances, Notice to Comply, Exhibits, Project Directory, and Form Letters.


Mac Host

Fixed issue in Contacts where long values in selector boxes did not render properly, resulting in the user not being able to remove them

Mobile Host

Enabled List Share feature


Added ability for application developers to exclude from the mobile user interface specific actions that are too complex or undesirable on mobile


Added ability for application developers to exclude from the mobile user interface specific tabs in the record view that are undesirable on mobile



Fixed issue that prevented tapping thumbnails from opening the PDF Viewer in iOS



Fixed issue in Tasks app where entering a percent complete value would cause the app to crash



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