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Templatizing File Manager Folder Structure

Kahua allows for creation of a folder structure that may be copied as part of the initiation of new projects. When copying a project in the Project/Portfolio Management app or using the Project Finder 'New' button, users will be given the option to copy the folder structure and files within the structure.

To templatize a folder structure, simply create a folder structure manually in the project you intend to utilize as a template moving forward. 

If you desire to add any template files into the structure, you may do so as well. Once complete, when copying this folder moving forward, the file structure and files will copy as well into the new project created. See the File Manager app article for additional guidance on creating a folder structure in a project.

NOTE: You may not ‘Copy’ a folder structure from one project into another after that project has already been created – the structure must be copied as part of the project creation (Create from Template or Copy of an existing project). Many companies will create a ‘Template’ project with several items defaulted, including File Structure, that they utilize to initiate new projects moving forward to ensure consistency.

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