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January 2020 Release Notes

In addition to various performance improvements, user interface updates and error corrections, this release will also include:

Desktop Hosts

Kahua Licensing 

We have removed the “Join Now” link from our website.  The result is that new users will not be permitted to self-register to Kahua.  All new users must be invited by another existing user.  Kahua provides the opportunity to invite new users to Kahua from several areas of the product, including the Users app, the Contacts app, the Groups app and the Project Directory app.  


We have also streamlined our standard product offering by consolidating the Platform and Document Management licenses into a single, role based offering.  Included with this change is the requirement to be a licensed user to access File Manager.   All existing unlicensed users as of January 31, 2020 will continue to have access to File Manager through November 30, 2020.  This means there is no effective change to Kahua behavior for any existing user accounts until next November.  On December 1, 2020, all users will be required to have a paid Kahua license to access File Manager.  

New Application Bar, Header, and Footer

Kahua has new navigation! As part of our major overall and update to the Kahua interface, we now have updated navigation consistent with the latest IT standards for desktop and touchscreen devices. 

Changes to the app bar include:

  • Relocation from top (below the header) to the left for easier touchscreen access using thumbs
  • Expand/Collapse feature to reduce wasted screen space 
  • Inclusion of currently open app label in the header to the far left

Changes to the header/footer include:

  • Simplified design
  • Updated icons and styling
  • Current project label moved to center to give more prominence
  • Click/tap the current application name to open the Application Finder and quickly jump to another app
  • Click/tap the current project name to open the Project Finder to quickly navigate to another project
  • Mouseover project name to see the entire project path
  • Click/tap the user image to access all account features including settings and sign out

Project Finder Updates

For users that enable show project number in their settings, the Project Finder now displays the project number in a separate column. Users can sort the displayed list by project name or project number by clicking/tapping the column header.


In Kahua base applications and extensions, the Import and Export operations have been restricted to the Administrator and Moderator roles.  Kahua customers with custom app extensions have been contacted and permissions for custom extensions have been updated based on input.

File Manager Media Folder Type

In Kahua’s File Manager, a new Media folder type is now available.  As new folders are created in File Manager, there’s now an option to create a Media folder type, or to continue accepting the default Files folder type.  A Media folder will function and behave exactly like the standard Files folder that you’re used to but will enable media-related content, such as Photos and Videos, to be better described.  As such, files put into a Media folder will have additional attributes, such as GPS coordinates, video play duration, photographer name, and more.   The new Media folder type will play a much larger role in some exciting new features which are planned for future releases of Kahua.  

As new folders are created, users can select the type of files that will primarily be uploaded to the folder.  The "Folder Type" selector will be defaulted to the folder type of the the parent folder.  There are no restrictions on file types uploaded to a specific folder.  E.g., it is acceptable to upload a Word file to a Media folder.  


File Markup

Kahua’s file viewer now includes its own built-in Markup Tool.  The Markup Tool enables collaboration on documents and a visual way to identify issues on those files requiring clarification or action.  The Markup Tool provides the ability to annotate with clouds, basic shapes, lines, arrows, text, virtual sticky notes, and more.  Each Markup is stored with information that identifies who made the markup and when it was made, with the option to input individualized comments as well.  Though Kahua continues to support its built-in integration with Bluebeam, everyone in Kahua now has the option to apply markups and annotations to any of their documents without needing any additional software. 

In addition to the new Markup Tool, Kahua’s file viewer has been further enhanced to increase its usefulness.  A richer set of navigation tools have been added, and now also includes features such as Search and Copy-and-Paste.

3D Model Rendering, Viewing, and Markup

With Kahua’s built-in Model Viewing & Markup tools, anyone in your organization can have access to the rich information that models provide without any additional software and without requiring BIM expertise.

  • Upload any model format into a Kahua project
  • Rendering of common formats (IFC, Revit, Navisworks, etc.) enables models to be viewed and interacted with, without additional software
  • Built-in viewer provides a powerful set of navigation tools (e.g. zoom, pan, walk-through, section, etc.) with access to all model & object properties
  • View specific model and object properties
  • Isolate specific systems or disciplines
  • Built-in 3D markup, annotation, measurement, and commenting tools


*Please contact Kahua for pricing


Project Directory

Kahua has added the ability to create a new contact in the Project Directory, within both the People and Companies sub-apps. 


Kahua has added a second system view to the RFI app for Overdue and Due Today records.  This will filter to only show RFIs are due in today or in the past and do not have a Date Responded entered. 

Mac Host

Added Selective Sync functionality to Local Files (for users that have access to selecting folders and files to sync).

Fixed the following issues:

  • Share feature could occasionally cause the host to stop working properly
  • Application icons would sometimes overlap
  • RFIs - Official Reviewer could not view or download References
  • Local Files - User could modify files in an archived project

Mobile Hosts


  • Fixed issue where deleting a reference file in a record would automatically close the record rather than saving the change
  • Updated views when workflow is enabled on Daily Reports application to match the base application views



  • Fixed issue where deleting a reference file in a record would automatically close the record rather than saving the change
  • Updated views when workflow is enabled on Daily Reports application to match the base application views

Kahua Host Updates

All Kahua hosts have been updated with various enhancements and bug fixes.  The Windows host will automatically update upon first launch after the release.

Download the appropriate app for your device:

Kahua for Mac

Kahua Mobile for iOS on iTunes

Kahua Mobile for Android on Google Play

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