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March 2016 Release Notes

In addition to various performance improvements, user interface updates and error corrections, this release will also include:

Getting Started Image

Admins can add an image to the Getting Started page that all users will see upon logging in to Kahua.  This image can be your corporate logo, a picture of your founder, a graphic of your company's mission or core values, or any other image you would like to display.  This image can be uploaded on the Getting Started tab in  Go>Administration>Domain Settings.

Dynamic Date Filtering

Users can set up their saved views to include dynamic date filtering.  In the example below, to find overdue RFIs, the view can be set up with an offset to find any open RFIs where the due date occurs before the current date.  Or, the user can set up a view in Meetings to show only Meetings that have already occurred or will occur within the next seven days.  

Shared Lists

On shared lists that have been copied to the recipient after the share has been terminated, users now have the ability to Process a record from the terminated shared list into a new record on their own domain.

Portable View Templates

Users can now define a sort order for items outputted in tables and lists on their portable view templates.  If your template has a table of reference files, you can elect to sort the table by any of the attributes of the reference files, such as Date/Time, Contributor, Filename, etc.  To use this parameter, include the following in your list or table definition:  Sort=attributename Ascending/Descending.  The table token would be formatted as below to sort by Filename:
[StartTable(Name=RefTable1,Source=Attribute,Path=RFI.OutwardReferences,RowsInHeader=1,Sort=SourceFile.CurrentFile.FileName Descending)]

This can also be used to sort lists and tables for other data you need to output into your template, such as a list of Meeting Items, a table of Change Order Items or more. 

Budget Adjustments

A new app has been added to the Cost Management Suite:  Budget Adjustments.  This app is included with any new or existing Cost Management license and is available under the Funding umbrella of apps in the Go menu.  Budget Adjustments allow users to track itemized changes to their budget.  Once approved, these Adjustments surface in the Work Breakdown app so you have a total picture of your project's finances.  

Meetings App Improvements

Within the Document Management suite, the Meetings app has been updated with two new features.  An Agenda view has been added that can be can be sent to meeting attendees as a PDF prior to a meeting.  This view supports custom templates and tokens so that users can set their output to specific formatting.  The Meetings app also now includes additional options in the "Copy From Previous" dialog when working with meetings that are part of a series, including the ability to copy the Agenda and Minutes into the selected meeting.  

New kStore App:  Qualify

The kStore has a new app available.  The Qualify app was developed using input from across the industry. This allows you to have a process and database to manage the content needed for many prequalification requests.  Regardless of the reason for the request, Qualify is designed to enable a quick response in the best format: 

  •     Prequalification 
  •     Project Specific Invitation 
  •     Short Listing 
  •     Selection for an Award 
A video overview of this app can be found here.    

Mobile Updates

The iOS and Android apps have been updated.  Download the appropriate app for your device:

Kahua Mobile for iOS on iTunes

Kahua Mobile for Android on Google Play

Mobile app updates will be released as approved by Apple and Google.  It may take up to 14 days for the app updates to become available in each respective store.  

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