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How to Add a Contact

The Contacts App is where all company contacts are located. This list is available across the entire domain, it does not matter what project your are working in at the time. In order for you to add a person to any record within Kahua, they must first be in your People list. Take the steps below to add a new person:

  1. Select the Apps icon. Select the Contacts app.
  2. Once you are in the Contacts app, you should see a list of all contacts for the entire company. Above the log view notice three tabs: People, Company, Community
  3. To add a new contact, select New. Enter in the person’s email address, then click Search. If they are already in Kahua, select their name to add to your contacts. If they are not in Kahua, input their first name, last name and company. You will then be given a split screen view – with the loga view on the left, and the detail view on the right. 
  4. The detail view has several fields that will allow you to put in specific contact information regarding the new person that you are adding. These fields include metadata such as their name, company and other important contact information.
  5. Select Save. Your new contact will be highlighted in the log view. You can further edit contact information by navigating to this record in the future and selecting Edit.



  • To add a person to any record in Kahua, they will first need to be in the contact list. 
  • It is important to recognize that you are simply adding a contact to the Contacts app, you are NOT inviting them to join your Kahua domain or project at that time. A icon to the left of the contact name will indicate that the contact is also a registered Kahua user.  

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