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November 2021 Release Notes

Kahua is excited to announce our “Early Access” program. This will allow you and other administrators of Kahua a two-week period to familiarize yourself with the new functionality outlined below. During this period, which is scheduled between October 30 through November 13, you can update your end-user documentation and communicate any relevant changes to your users. If you would like to participate, please contact for further details, which will be sent on October 28. The release will be deployed to the Kahua Production environment on November 13. 

In addition to various performance improvements, user interface updates and error corrections, this release will also include:

Desktop Hosts


The Global Search feature now has a new “Search All Apps” option:



This option, when checked (the default), shall continue to search all apps when performing a Global Search. However, unchecking “Search All Apps” enables you the option of selecting specific apps to search against.


For example, you may remember discussing a certain topic a few weeks back but cannot remember whether it was in a Meeting or in a Phone Conversation. You can now search just the Meetings app and the Conversation app to better focus your search results.


Note that if you ever want to only search the content of files (using the “Search Files” option) that reside in File Manager, you will need to be sure that the File Manager app is selected as well.


TIP: The Global Search feature offers some particularly useful operators that can help you refine your search results. More details about these search operators can be found here:
Search Operators



There is now the ability to move or copy multiple files from one folder to another in File Manager.


When one or more files in the destination have the same names as the files being moved or copied, new options are available:



  • SKIP (this was effectively the only option that was previously available)
  • REPLACE (will delete file in destination, placing it in the Recycle Bin, and will then move the file in its entirety, including any history, markups, versions, etc. to the destination)

NOTE: A file may only be moved to a destination folder of the same type. However, moving a file from one Controlled folder to another is a capability that will be introduced in a future release.  



  • SKIP (this was effectively the only option that was previously available)
  • REPLACE (will copy the file as a new version to the file that’s in the destination, bringing along any markups if present)
  • SAVE AS COPY (will create a new instance of the file in its entirety, including any history, markups, versions, etc., and will rename the file as it’s saved to the destination by appending “Copy”, “Copy (1)”, “Copy (2)”, etc. to the end of the filename)

NOTE: A file may be copied from one folder type to any other folder type. 




Note that the new MOVE/COPY options described above now also apply to the single Move/Copy actions. 


As a further usability improvement, the destination folder now defaults to the source folder instead of the root.





Within File Manager’s Controlled Folders, Kahua has always provided the automatic insertion, or ‘slip-sheeting’ of newer Drawing Revisions into the ‘Current Set’ as they are approved for release. We now expand on that capability by enabling you to easily represent all your ‘Current Set’ documents, including any recently approved revisions, as a single multi-page PDF.


To produce a ‘Current Set’ PDF file, you simply select your ‘current set’ documents (which can be done with a single click from the ‘Current Revisions’ view), and then invoke the new COMBINE action. Any markups on these documents will be included by default, but you also have the option to exclude them if you would rather produce a ‘clean’ set.


We know that sometimes when new Drawing Revisions are approved, it can be of benefit to include both the new Revision (which automatically becomes part of the ‘Current Set’) and the revision it just replaced. Our COMBINE action easily addresses this scenario as well, clearly indicating any ‘Superseded’ revisions with a watermark.


It should be noted that the new COMBINE feature is available throughout File Manager, enabling you to combine more than just Drawing Revisions into a single PDF.



Kahua has introduced a wizard like tool to create new submittal items.  This allows users to review the specification and CSI Codes simultaneously while entering in required Submittal data.  To access this functionality, select the "Registry" action from the Submittal Items log. 


Mobile Hosts



Effective November 18, 2021, the minimum iOS version will be iOS 13.x, and iOS 12.x will no longer be supported. The Kahua iOS Host supports iOS 13.x, 14.x, and 15.x. 


Mobile markups include the ability to markup and view previously marked up pdf files on iOS and Android devices. Three new icons appear on the bottom of the pdf viewer. The far-left icon shows/hides markups and will serve as a filter control in future releases. The next icon displays the list of current markups on a pdf file. Tap a markup in the list to navigate to the page containing the markup in selected mode. The third icon, to the right of the viewer, triggers markup mode and displays available mobile markup tools.


Creating Markups

To create markups on a pdf, tap the markup icon to enter markup mode. The application header turns red to indicate markup mode is on. The viewer will stay in markup mode until the user Saves any markups and taps Close.


Markup tools are available include:

  • Line and Arrow
  • Pen
  • Rectangle, Circle, Cloud, and Polygon
  • Pinning (View only)
  • Text box


Formatting tools available include:

  • Color picker
  • Opacity
  • Line Thickness/Font Size selector


Default formatting for markups is red with 100% opacity and a medium thin line. To draw a markup with different formatting, change the formatting settings first. Alternatively, an existing markup can be edited by tapping the markup and then modifying the format. 


Select the markup tool to begin drawing. For the text tool, simply tap on the pdf to select placement for text and begin typing. Except for text, the currently selected tool remains active until the user selects another tool. Select the Hand to disable all tools and allow for gestures to page scroll or zoom in/out.


Working with Markups

In view or markup mode, tap a markup to select it and display the Actions toolbar. In view mode, Details is available for any markup. For pins, an additional action to view the pinned record is available. To delete a markup, the user must be in markup mode before selecting the markup for the Delete action to be available.


Other Considerations

Although Kahua uses technology that follows industry standards for PDF markups, not all tools function the same. Currently, the Kahua desktop and mobile applications use different technologies that result in minor differences in format when switching between the hosts. Switching between Kahua and other software may result in modification or loss of markup data and is discouraged.



The project name is now displayed at the top of the user interface within applications to provide context for users who work across projects.




Mobile users are now able to include the email addresses of people who are not in Kahua Contacts when sending messages from Kahua.



Lists now support display of group headers for list views that contain grouping.




Enhancements to provide quicker access to Kahua records include:

  • On application open, auto-display last record accessed
  • If no records and user has Create permission, auto-display new form
  • Fewer taps to back out of applications
  • On tablet, allow for side-by-side display of list and records in portrait mode
  • In File Manager, automatically navigate to last folder accessed
  • In File Manager, navigate from one pdf to the next without return to the list
  • Design improvements in legacy applications (e.g., Tasks, Messages, and Contacts) to look and feel like newer applications

Kahua Provided Extensions

To continuously improve our best-in-class Kahua provided extensions, we will be updating offerings to include the following features:

Kahua for General Contractors, Kahua for Owners, and Kahua for Program Managers


As part of our ongoing alignment between Funding and Expense Contracts, the SOV Breakdown App is now available for Funding Contracts. This functionality allows for high-level commitments on the contract, with “details for billings” developed subsequently. For reference, please see:
SOV (Schedule of Values) Breakdown Overview


Funding Contract’s SOV Breakdown Application: 



We continue to enhance the SOV Breakdown App. These enhancements include:

  • Approve All button
  • Portable View support
  • SOV Item categorization codes



Purchase Order Invoices now allow end-user settings to limit overbilling line items.

  • Support for positive and negative PO line items, ensuring the valid range or invoicing is between $0 and the value of the line item.
  • The users may opt-in (or opt-out!) at any time.
  • Administrators can enforce default settings and control the editablity of the setting.


Purchase Order – Enable Overbilling Limits


Purchase Order – Overbilling Limit Enforced



New Purchase Order Settings allow administrators to control invoice and invoice line item behavior.

  • Purchase Order Required – prevents invoices without Purchase Orders
  • Allow Addition of Non-Purchase Order Items – control whether the user can add line items to Invoices when an invoice is linked to Purchase Orders.
  • NOTE: the default value of the settings is the same as pre-configuration functionality.


Configuration/ Purchase Order Invoices


Kahua Host Updates

All Kahua hosts have been updated with various enhancements and bug fixes.  The Windows host will automatically update upon first launch after the release.

Download the appropriate app for your device:

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