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Using Invite Templates

After creating the company and contact you wish to share with (external party), send an invitation to the third party to create their own domain.

By using invite templates for new users on new domains to get started, Kahua will take the headache out of onboarding. If you have created the invitation template, users with the permissions outlined in the template are able to send the invite template to a specific user. After that user registers for Kahua, the company will be set up, the project will be set up, shares will be applied (if applicable), the shared list will open when the application is opened, and allow for you to seamlessly work with a partner on the project. 


After setting up the template, follow the steps outlined below to use the invitation template. 

  1. Ensure the company and contact have been created for the contact. 
  2. Go to the People tab in Contacts
  3. Select the button to Invite To Kahua  
  4. Project will default to the current project. However, the project can be changed by selecting the dropdown and selecting from the project finder the project the invitee should be invited to. 
  5. Assuming you have the correct permissions, a user can select the invitation from the Invitation Template dropdown. 
  6. Once the appropriate template is selected, review the details listed in the template. 
  7. If applicable, select the box to Add to Project Directory, assign a team role, team function, and status on project. 
  8. Finally, click Send Invitation
  9. The invitee will receive an email and be able to create their account after clicking Get Started.
  10. After selecting Get Started, a new webpage will open and prompt for any additional details such as industry role and company address. 
  11. For Kahua to set up the shares, the invitee must check the box to allow for Accept project creation and application shares. If this is not checked, the project and shares will not be set up. 
  12. Enter a password and confirm the password, then they can select a Challenge Question and Answer. 
  13. After they have Accepted Terms Of Service Agreement, Click Next
  14. They will be prompted with checkout information, if they do not wish to pay now, toggle the button from Purchase Now to Purchase Later. 
  15. Then click Complete Registration.

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