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Inviting External Users

If you plan to collaborate with another person or company in Kahua – such as sharing a relevant file folder with a third party to actively collaborate, or if you wish to have them reply to approvals in workflow - they will need to be invited to Kahua if they are not already a Kahua User.

  1. First, add them as a contact. Instructions in the Article about Contacts.
  2. Click on the contact in the log view of the user you wish to invite. Their profile will show up in the right pane of your screen.
  3. Click on Invite to Kahua of their profile details.  
  4. A window will allow you to select the Project you’re inviting them to collaborate on and select a template if applicable (see section on Kahua Invitation Templates for more details).
  5. This sends an email invitation to the contact to join Kahua – which will contain a unique registration link to set up an account. If the user mentioned they did not receive the email, please have them check spam. The email will come from
  6. When a user joins Kahua, a green globe appears by their name in the Contacts app – this indicates that the contact is an active user. If they are a third party, they will NOT have access to your domain at this time unless you intentionally share an app with them during the invite process or after.
  7.  It is recommended to invite external contacts from the contacts applications and internal contacts for your domain through the Users app. See the Internal User section for details.

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