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Project Snapshot

The Project Snapshot application allows for a complete or partial archive of all records and files within a project at any time for efficient retention of data. With Project Snapshot, you are able to export a read-only copy of your project data from selected Kahua applications to a folder on your local computer or server.

When you use snapshot to export your data, you are then able to retrieve specific files or access the entire archive for reference or analysis purposes, eliminating the need to dig through physical filing cabinets or search across multiple digital storage locations. 

Project Snapshot can be run at any time. You can run it at the end of a project, at certain milestones, or manually on a regular basis like monthly or weekly.

Project Snapshot allows you to:

  • Retain a complete and permanent backup of Kahua data
  • Export data from Kahua in order to import it into other software.
  • Utilize the data from custom reporting and analytics
  • Archive the state of projects at a certain time for legal purposes

How to set up Project Snapshot for your project

Project Snapshot licenses must be purchased and added to your domain.  Reach out to your account manager for more information. 

Once it is added to your domain, you can assign the license to the appropriate user in the Licenses app. For more information on using the Licenses app, refer to Licenses.

How to create a snapshot of your project

The user assigned to the Project Snapshot license in the previous step will be able to create a snapshot of your projects.  To create a snapshot of a project, complete the following steps:

  1. Ensure that you are in the correct project or partition.  
    Note that Project Snapshot works on the project or partition you are currently in, as indicated in the header.  It will not include any projects or partitions lower in the hierarchy than you are currently in.  For example, if you are in the "Northeast" partition, and there are several projects that are part of that partition, snapshot will only export records directly tied to the Northeast partition.  It will not include records from the projects that are part of that partition.
  2. Click on clipboard icon  in the Kahua footer to open the status window.
  3. In the status window, select Snapshots.
  4. Click the plus  sign to open the list of applications that snapshot is available for.
  5.  Select the applications to include in the snapshot. You can use snapshot on some or all of the Kahua applications. Click Enable All to select all the applications. Click Disable All to clear all the selected applications. Note that applications will appear in this list even if there is no data for that application for the project you are in.
  6. Click Create. The Save As window will open. Select a location for the zip file and click Save.  
  7. The snapshot will begin to generate.  Records will appear in the Pending tab as they are processed.
  8. When the snapshot is complete, the Project name, Timestamp and Status will appear on the Completed tab.


Viewing the records in the snapshot

When the snapshot is complete, you will have a ZIP file containing all the saved records.  You can extract that zip file to an appropriate location.  

The records are saved in a folder structure that follows domain and project structure, and then the application structure. There is a JSON file at the project level that contains information on all the records in the snapshot. Within the application folders, there is a folder for each item, uniquely named with the item number, name and Kahua record number. The folder contains a PDF of the portable view of the item, a JSON file with information on the item, and any available reference material such as backup information and electronically signed documents.

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