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April 2020 Release Notes

In addition to various performance improvements, user interface updates and error corrections, this release will also include:

Desktop Hosts

Next Generation User Experience - Windows Only

Kahua has an all new user interface that incorporates many visual changes to keep pace with cutting edge design.

For more information, watch the demonstration video on our updates to the user experience.

Changes include:

  • A completely new action bar that consolidates all application, multi-select, and record actions in one location. Navigating between the application log, application log reports, and company shares has been simplified by adding toggle switches to the action bar.
  • Updated log formatting optimized for touchscreen use.
  • Updated record preview formatting, including easy access "Table of Contents" to quick link to sections of the document.
  • Updated record editing with new layouts and controls.
  • Dark Mode (Beta) - Kahua is now available in a dark theme. Turn on dark mode by selecting your account avatar at the top right in the header and then toggling on dark theme.

Note: Some applications, including aspects of our administrative tools, may not contain all updates.

Account Security Updates

Kahua has added additional security measures to the Domain Settings app to help protect your organization and its users from undesired access.  

  • Inactivity Timeout – Kahua has relocated this setting to the Account Security section.   If this setting is enabled, after the defined time has elapsed, Kahua will lock the user session and provide a lock screen informing the user they have been locked due to inactivity. Upon entering their credentials, the session will resume, including any unsaved data.  If this functionality is not desired, either disable the setting or set the inactivity period to “0”.

  • Failed Login Attempts – Kahua has introduced a new setting to block an account’s access for a period of time after too many failed attempts.  Once a user is blocked, they must wait the entire length of time before being permitted to log in again; resetting their password will not allow access during the period.

  • Reset Password – Kahua has added a new setting to expire passwords after a certain number of days.  Upon the next login after expiration, users will be required to enter a new password before they can proceed into Kahua.

  • Password Reuse Limit – A new option has been introduced to prevent reusing a password when a user updates their password.  The minimum value is “1”, which is considered as the current password.

NOTE: If your account uses Single Sign On, these security settings are not applicable since users are authenticated via SSO.

Create New Projects Directly from Project Finder

Users with permission will now be able to create new projects directly in Project Finder. "New" will show when the user has permission in the currently selected partition and is presented with a two step process to select the level of the hierarchy the project should be created and a method of entering project details.  Once the project has been created, the user presented with an on screen notification and can set the project as "active" from the notification popup.

File Manager Updates

  • One Click File Open
    Users can now directly open and edit any file stored in File Manager with one click.  Use the "Open" action in File Manager to open the file in its native application and once changes have been made, saving the file will automatically post the file in Kahua.  This functionality requires the user to have a minimum of Contributor and Sync permissions assigned.
  • Interface Changes
    File Manager has a new look! In addition to changes made to the overall user experience, File Manager now displays folders and files in the same list for easy tap-and-go navigation. The breadcrumb navigator shows the current path and makes it easy to quickly navigate back up the project folder tree.
  • Local Files Updates
    - For Local Files (file sync) users, the storage location of files on your PC will be moved to a standard location under the user folder. For users with access to multiple domains, each domain will have its own folder (i.e., c://users/jdoe/kahua - domain 1 and c://users/jdoe/kahua - domain 2   Users who have synced directly to a network drive or to another cloud-based service will be asked to contact Kahua or their administrator for support.
    - Selective File Sync is released from Beta!  All users with file sync permission will now have the ability to choose specific folders and/or files to sync to their PC instead of the entire project.  Make your selections on the Local Files tab in My Settings.  

Daily Report Weather Units Toggle

In Daily Reports, the Imperial/Metric units toggle has been replaced with the toggle directly in the column header.  Adjusting the units will also update any other column that uses the same system of measurement.  This setting is specific to each individual user and will persist across login sessions, so it should only be necessary to update to the desired units one time.


Meetings App Updates

The Meetings app will be updated to our Hub technology on several existing domains the weekend of May 2.  

Mac Host

Local Files Migration

For Local Files (file sync) users, the storage location of files on your Mac is being moved from Library/Container/ Sync to directly under the user folder. For the migration to happen, users will need to grant permission to Kahua to write to the appropriate location. 

Mobile Hosts

New User Interface

Kahua mobile has a new user interface that more closely aligns with industry standards for mobile design. This first phase of our re-release touches several areas of our mobile product, and includes:

  • All new layout for easier access to Projects, Applications, and Account Settings
  • All new Project Finder interface
  • Simplified and more consistent Application records layout to quickly Add Records, switch Lists and Views and access additional Actions 
  • Support for Dark Mode
  • Split screen support for iPad

Project Finder Updates

Project Finder has been updated to simply tap and go to navigate the hierarchy and open a project. The partition hierarchy is displayed as a breadcrumb up top to tap to go back. To open a higher level partition, tap the arrow at the end of the breadcrumb for the current displayed path.


File Manager Updates

The File Manager interface has been streamlined to include folders and files in the same list. Users no longer need to toggle between the folders tab to navigate and the files tab to view folder contents.

Kahua Host Updates

All Kahua hosts have been updated with various enhancements and bug fixes.  The Windows host will automatically update upon first launch after the release.

Download the appropriate app for your device:

Kahua for Mac

Kahua Mobile for iOS on iTunes

Kahua Mobile for Android on Google Play

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