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Application Configuration: Enabling/Disabling an Application

The Application tab is where any application-specific configuration takes place – including:

  1. Enabling/Disabling an Application
  2. Configuring the View within an App (Hiding fields, Relabeling fields, Changing Lookup Lists, Default Data, Numbering Scheme Setup, etc.)

Note that not all applications will have the same configuration options. 

We walk through the general principles of configuration below, but for specific questions, please reach out to Support.

Enabling or disabling an application in Kahua will hide that application from the Apps Menu of all users, regardless of whether that user has permission to the application in Groups. This is most relevant if a project or the entire domain does not plan to utilize specific applications, and the Apps menu should reflect just those relevant applications.

  1. To disable (or enable) an application, navigate to the partition at which you wish to complete the change. Note that if you disable an application at the root (at the company level), the application will be disabled from that point in the hierarchy downward.
  2. Once in the appropriate partition, open Configuration.
  3. On the Applications tab, click on the application you wish to disable / enable.
  4. A detail pane will appear on the right of the screen. Toggle the radio dial from Inherit to Override. Uncheck the Enabled field to disable. This application will no longer be visible to users in this partition and downward through the hierarchy. To re-enable for a particular project or partition, complete the same steps once you have navigated to that partition or project.


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