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Kahua University Video List

This is a list of videos available on Kahua University, in the following functional areas:

Domain Administration

User Administration

Index Management

Project Administration

Using Kahua - General Information

Kahua Applications - Document Management

Kahua Applications - Cost Management

Domain Administration

Domain Settings App

Company Profiles App

Invitation Templates

Customizing Portable Views

Recycle Bin

User Administration

Users App


Licenses App

Index Management

Locations App

CSI Codes

Project Administration

Configuration: Basic Overview

Configuration: Numbering

Configuration: Fields, Defaults, and Lookups

Local File Sync

Project Finder

Share Manager

Project Tasks

Using Kahua - General Information

General Navigation Part 1: General Navigation

General Navigation Part 2: Navigating Kahua Applications

General Navigation Part 3: Creating and Managing List Views

User Settings

Local File Sync

Project Finder

Search Function



Recycle Bin

Contacts Part 1: Creating New Contacts and Companies

Contacts Part 2: Import Function and Internal vs External Contacts

Project Directory


Kahua Applications - Document Management

Part 1: Creating and Submitting Official RFIs

Part 2: Collaborating with RFI Responders

Part 1: Creating Subcontractor RFIs

Part 2: Project Connection - Connecting GC to Sub RFIs

Part 3: Responding to Sub RFIs

Part 1: Packaged Submittals Overview

Part 2: Packaged Submittal App Basics

Packaged Submittals Part 3: Creating a Submittal Package

Packaged Submittals Part 4: Creating Submittal Items

Packaged Submittals Part 5: Splitting Submittal Packages

Packaged Submittals Part 6: Submittals - Administration and Configuration

Packaged Submittals Part 7: Import/Export Function Breakdown

Packaged Submittals Part 8: Request an Item Submission

Packaged Submittals Part 9: Reviewer Tasks - Consultant Reviewers/Owner's Rep

Packaged Submittals Part 10: Official Reviewer Actions and Workflow

Packaged Submittals Part 11: Submittal Coordinator Actions and Workflow

Part 1: Design Management Overview

Part 2: Controlled Folders in File Manager

Part 3: Tracking and Releasing Revisions

Part 4: Using Title Block Extraction

Part 5: Document Types and Work Packages Apps and Design Review

Part 6: Submitting Drawings. Accept or Reject QA Check, and Releasing Revisions QA Check

Part 7: Design Review Overview

Part 8: Preliminary Review

Part 9: Primary/Lead Reviewer(s) and Interim Reviewer(s)

Part 10: Final Review

Part 11: Admin Setup for Design Management


Meetings App

Field Observations

Kahua Applications - Cost Management

Part 1: Creating Approval Workflow

Part 2: Using Approval Workflow

Work Breakdown Intro

Work Breakdown Part 1: Overview

Work Breakdown Part 2: Components

Work Breakdown Part 3: Import and Export

Work Breakdown Part 4: General Navigation

Work Breakdown Part 5: Configuration

Work Breakdown Part 6: Recap

Funding Budget Changes

Funding Budget Adjustments

Funding Budget Part 1: Create a Funding Budget

Funding Budget Part 2: Managing Multiple Budgets

Funding Budget Part 3: Superseding Budgets

Cost Configuration: Cost Guards

Expense Contracts

Expense Contract Change Requests

Expense Change Orders

Expenses Invoices

Expense Pay Requests

Expense SOV Overview

Expense SOV Change Orders

Expense Purchase Orders

Expense Purchase Orders Workflow

Expense Purchase Order Change Orders

Multi-Currency Admin Setup

Multi-Currency End User 

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