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August 2016 Release Notes

In addition to various performance improvements, user interface updates and error corrections, this release will also include:

Windows Native Host

Kahua is now available as a native Windows app for Windows 8 and Windows 10 **. The look and feel is almost identical to what you have been accustomed to when signing in via a browser. Benefits of the Windows app include:

•Faster performance

•Enhanced functionality, including desktop notifications and multiple open windows

•Improved security

•Elimination of browser and plug-in confusion

•Persistent sign-in session when clicking links to Kahua from emails

•Simplified installation

After the release, the download will be available at

While users will still have the capability to log in to Kahua using Internet Explorer and Firefox, the native Windows application is the preferred method of accessing your Kahua data. The Out of Browser desktop host will no longer support logging in to Kahua and will present a link to download the Windows host. Admin rights are not required to load this on a PC.  The lone exception is if the user does not have Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.1, which is pre-loaded on many PCs.  Kahua will attempt to install this Microsoft package during the desktop host installation if it is not present.  Please pass this information along to your users.

Instructional video for users who typically use Chrome 

Instructional video for users who typically use Edge

Instructional video for users who typically use Firefox

Instructional video for users who typically use Internet Explorer

Instructional video for users who typically log in via the Kahua Out of Browser app

** Microsoft support for Windows 7 will end January 14, 2020 and Kahua support will end simultaneously. Due to this upcoming change, we are posting a minimum of Windows 8 with the recommend version being Windows 10.  Kahua will continue to support Windows 7 through January 14, 2020.  Customers currently using Windows 7 should make immediate plans to update their systems. 

Inactivity Timeout

Admins have the ability to set a session timeout due to user inactivity. User inactivity is triggered when Kahua does not detect any mouse gestures or keyboard input. When this time has elapsed, Kahua will lock the user session and provide a lock screen informing the user they have been locked due to inactivity. Upon entering their credentials, the session will resume, including any unsaved data. Note, if the user closes the application instead of logging back in, unsaved data will not be captured.  This setting can be modified on the Authentication tab at Go>Admin>Domain Settings.  All domains are set to a value of zero, which means users will not be timed out.  Admins can set this value to any number of minutes between "1" and "9999".  After changing this setting, it will take effect on the next login.

Domain Timezone

Admins can now set a domain wide time zone that is used when generating Kahua PDF printable views. Since users span multiple time zones, printable views could be ambiguous as the any time callouts. Now the time zone will show on portable views. Within an app, the time continues to be converted to the user’s time zone as defined in User Preferences. For example, when accessing the Meetings app, the Start/End Time as well as any files uploaded as Reference documents appear as the user preferred time zone. When using the View action to view the portable view PDF, the times will be displayed in the domain time zone. All existing Kahua domains are set to Eastern US initially; this can be updated on the Domain Time Zone tab in Go>Admin>Domain Settings.

Program Summary app
The Program Summary app has been updated to include a cover page for the entire program and can now be configured to pull any project specific report into the summary for each project. A short webinar will be held on September 13 to review all functionality of the free Program Summary application. Register here:

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