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July 2016 Release Notes

In addition to various performance improvements, user interface updates and error corrections, this release will also include:

Partition Navigator

When finding a project in the Partition Navigator via “Browse All” or searching, users will only have access to a project if the user is a member of any Group within the project. Remember, group membership follows an inheritance model, so any group that has not been overridden will have the same members as its parent project. Domain Admins will continue to see all projects regardless of group membership. 

Updated Recycle Bin with new Delete capabilities

We have re-architected the delete capabilities within Kahua to now permit deleting Projects and Contacts. Note when deleting a Company, all the People records associated with that company will also be deleted. When restoring a deleted Company from the Recycle Bin, the people records will not be automatically restored. After this release, users will see two Recycle Bin apps in the Go menu: Recycle Bin and Recycle Bin (Legacy). Any records deleted prior to this release will be located in the Recycle Bin (Legacy) application. All deleted records moving forward will be available in the Recycle Bin application. The legacy application will be deprecated from Kahua with our next release.   

Project Logos

In the Projects app, users now have the ability to define a project logo. This logo will be on all reports that are run on the project. Additionally, users can optionally configure portable views within each application to use the project logo in place of the company logo if desired. This logo is available to both the standard Kahua portable view as well as any Word portable view templates that have been uploaded to Kahua.


All new Messages have a View action available which will present the Message in our Viewer and also permit saving to PDF.  Please note this view is available only on Messages received after the release.  Pre-existing Messages will not have a view available until a later date. 

File Manager

Users accessing Kahua via the iOS app now have the ability to open files from File Manager in other iOS applications such as a spreadsheet in Excel or Numbers, make modifications to the file and re-upload to Kahua.

Punch List app within Document Management

Kahua has created library of common defects that can be selected on a new punch list record to quickly create items that may be repetitive throughout the project. We have pre-populated this library with several defects. Users with proper permissions can add, modify or remove these common items. Library items apply across all projects, so any changes made will also update these items in any other project.

Budget app within Cost Management

Within the Funding suite of applications, Kahua is introducing the Budget app. The Budget app can be used to track your budget on a project using an itemized list of budget components. By tying each Budget item to an Activity Code, the budget amounts will be available in the Work Breakdown app to get an overall picture of your project’s financial health.

New apps available in the kStore:

Schedule app

The Schedule App allows the Scheduler to effectively manage the details between the schedule and tasks assigned out. Utilize either a Microsoft Project schedule or create a simple milestone schedule manually. Kahua provides the ability for the resource assigned to the task to provide continuous updates until the activity is confirmed by the Scheduler to be completed. 

  • Use Kahua's schedule app to create, edit, and share schedules 
  • Ability to assign 1 Activity to multiple resources 
  • Team members can access the current schedule 
  • Create quick access views 
  • Gantt chart view 

Drawing Log app

The Kahua Drawing Log app provides users the ability to store and manage all drawing sheets for your project. The Drawing Log can be used to track all the project sheets, or to take it to the next level, users can upload the sheets for even greater control and flexibility. 

Features include:

  • A complete log of sheets for the project 
  • Native viewer to view most CAD formats, even if the native application is not installed on your machine 
  • Revision Management 
  • Markup and annotation capabilities using our Bluebeam® integration 
  • Ability to intelligently upload and scrape file metadata to quickly create and update sheets (Contact Kahua Professional Services for quote. Not available for all file types) 

Action Items app

The Action Items app will simplify and accelerate tracking and managing activities for the lifecycle of a project. The application leverages the power of Kahua collaboration and workflow to request comments, manage delegated tasks and evaluate the status of the activities. Outstanding items can be identified quickly and mitigated as necessary. 

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