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Enterprise Installer for Kahua's New Host (Win UI)

The Kahua enterprise installer provides system administrators with a method to install the Windows Desktop application across multiple machines throughout an organization.  Often, organizations encounter unique challenges when deploying desktop applications across their network.  The Kahua enterprise installer assists with pushing our native host to a large user base. 

Kahua's new Windows Desktop application is a Win UI application powered by the Windows App SDK and is installed as an application in the users Program Files directory. 

The application is installed via side-loading using an .appinstaller file that configures the behavior for app updates (they are required). The .appinstaller points to the actual msix package that is installed and maintained by the Windows OS. 

Per best-practice, the msix filename includes the version # of the application.


Users can download and execute the .appinstaller directly or command line installation can be done by acquiring the .appinstaller file located at

For command line installation, the Powershell Add-AppxPackage is used:

Add-AppxPackage -AppInstallerFile .\kahua_windows_x64_enterprise.appinstaller

Upon execution the Powershell command will install the latest version of the Kahua host.

For more advanced installation through 3rd-party applications, consult the vendor documentation for side-loaded Windows applications.

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