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Approvals Configuration: Review Workflow

To enable and configure Review workflow for an application:

  1. Navigate to the proper partition or project for which you want to configure the Review workflow. Note that workflow adheres to the Kahua inheritance model.
  2. Select the record in the Approvals sub-tab that details the Application you wish to configure, as well as the ‘Review’ record in the column ‘Approval Name’.
     A detail pane will appear on the right side of your screen.
  3. Toggle to Override.
  4. Populate the fields as needed based on the below descriptions:



Enable Approval

Checking this box will turn on this workflow for the application. Note that this must be done in addition to enabling the Setting for Review workflow in the application’s Setting tab in Configuration.

Use Approval Document

To require users to create an approval document (in References section of the record they intend to route for Review), check this box. This allows users to define the document routed for approval – inclusive of the standard ‘View’ and any reference documents they include. If not checked, the document may be sent for review and will include just the standard PDF View of the record.

Approval Type

By default, Review tasks will be sent via a Kahua Review task (Task app). This means that the task will come to the users in the Kahua app, and they will be required to simply indicate review. If you desire to utilize DocuSign, Kahua signature pin, etc., you may indicate that here. This determines the method through which the task is sent to users.

Approval Method

Select best option depending on your company’s business process if using approval limits / signing authority limits –

1. Start with Approver that meets Approval Limit, OR

2. Start with First Approver up to Approval Limit

Minimum Approvals Required

Lists minimum number of users that must be included in workflow. If using approval limits (DOA), this means that the document may go to more approvers than required to meet the minimum.

Use Comments

Indicates if you wish Comments to be available for users in the workflow to enter; additional options around comments will appear if you select this option. NOTE: If using DocuSign for the Approval Type, Comments will not be available.

All Comments entered on tasks will be stored on the original record, with the user’s name, date and time entered.

Use References

Indicates if you wish for users in the approval workflow to have ability to upload reference documents as part of their review. These documents will be attached to the original record as well.

Approval Levels

This is where the order of approvals is defined. Click Add. Determine if is an ‘Actor’ or ‘Name’ – a ‘Name’ means it is an individual you defined in the Approvers sub tab. An Actor refers to the roles/fields available to reference on the project information (Roster) and on the record itself.

The Limit defines the amount that a user may approve / be responsible for approving. If a user does not have adequate approval Limit, and / or the minimum number of approvals required is not met, the document will continue to the next approver after that user’s review.

Note: Once the document is reviewed by someone with adequate approval limits, the document will be complete its review and not continue to the remaining approvers defined.

Important Troubleshooting Tips:

  1. If multiple individuals have the same ‘Order’ in the Approval Levels, you may not save your Review workflow. All roles/actors must have unique orders; this is a linear workflow, so no two users will be reviewing simultaneously
  2. If you desire for all approvers to review the document (not using Delegation of Authority / signing limits), leave the Limit at $0.00 and provide only the last approver ‘Unlimited’ authority. Ensure the Approval Method is set to ‘Start with First Approver…’

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