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Navigating Projects using Project Finder

The Project Finder app allows you to view all the projects you have access to and add projects to your My Projects list. Users with the appropriate permissions can also create new partitions and projects from this application.  For more information on creating new partitions and projects, refer to Creating a New Project.

The available features in the Project Finder application depend on how many projects you can access and your permission level. More details and advanced features are outlined below, including: 

Navigating Projects

To open the Project Finder app, either navigate to it directly from Apps, or click on the name of the active project in the header. 

Note: You can pin the Project Finder app to the Launch Bar by right-clicking on the app name and selecting Pin to Launch Bar.  Once pinned, you can drag it up or down to the desired location.

Project Finder contains two types of items:

  1. Items with a Folder  icon (sometimes called a partition) contains projects within it. 
  2. Items with an Arrow  icon are projects.

Open a Project

Select a folder or project by clicking directly on the folder name or project name. Selecting a folder will display folders and projects inside it. Selecting a project will open the project and navigate away from Project Finder.

When you select a project or partition, the name of the selected project or partition will appear in the header.

Open a Folder (Partition)

To open a folder (partition) to work directly within it, click either the SELECT link next to the folder name in the breadcrumb bar or click directly on the Upward Arrow  icon in the list.

Favorite a Project

For users that have many projects or commonly access the same folders and projects from different places in the project hierarchy, making those projects and partitions “favorites” makes it easier to find and access them. 

To Favorite a Project (or Folder/Partition): 

  1. Select the Star  icon next to the Project or Folder/Partition name. Starred projects will appear in the My Projects section. 
  2. Select the My Projects tab to view starred projects. 

View/Edit Project Details

If you have the appropriate permissions to view the project details, the information icon  will appear next to the project name in the header and in the project list.  Click on it to open the project details page.

If you have the appropriate permissions, the Edit option will appear on the project details page. Select it to modify the information about the project. Click Save to save your changes. You may need to log out and log back in to see your changes on the project list.

Display Project Numbers

With Project Finder you have the option to display the project number as part of the project name. In the list you can sort by number or name. 

To display Project Numbers: 

  1. Select the Profile Icon on the right side of the header.

  2. Select My Settings.

  3. Select the General tab.

  4. Under Partition Navigator, toggle on Show project number.

Once enabled, you will be able to view and sort by project number in your Project Finder Application. 

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