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Searching in Kahua

Kahua provides a search tool to allow you to search across your domain or within a specific project. The system will search both records and uploaded content.

To perform a search for a record or set of records within a single application in a single project, you can use the log view search. Log view searches allow you to search for a word or phrase, or a value in a field. For more information on log view searches, refer to "Search in a log view" on page 6.

How to use the Search application

To search for a word or phrase using the search tool, complete the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the Search application. If it is not already in your launch bar, navigate to Apps > All Apps > Search
  2. Select search parameters under Show Results For. You can make your selection before you complete your search, or change your selection after your search to narrow your results.
    • Your domain: Your entire domain will be searched. This search will not include your messages or tasks.
    • Current partition/project: The search will be performed within your current partition or project. When you select this option, the current partition or project will appear under the search term. This search will not include your messages or tasks.
    • My Messages/Tasks: Your messages in the Messages app and your tasks in the Tasks app will be searched. 
  3. Select Search All Apps to include all the applications in your search. Clear it to select which applications to include in the search. Once cleared, a list of applications appears below. Select Applications to toggle all the applications on or off, the select the applications appropriate for your search. Click Apply to apply your changes.
  4. Select Search Files to include uploaded files in your search. Click Apply to apply a change to this field. 
  5. Enter the word or phrase to search for in the Search field and press Enter. For information on search operators, refer to Search Operators.
    Note that fields with integer, date, and currency attributes are not indexed and are not included in the search. Consider using a report to filter for fields with those attributes.
  6. The search results appear below the search. Select an item to open its detail view.  
  7. After the search is complete, you can refine the search results by selecting another option under Show Results For, changing which applications to include or exclude, and selecting or clearing the Search Files option. You must click Apply after changing the applications or the Search Files selection.

How to Search in a log view

Most applications have one or more log views. There is a built-in standard default view for each application that includes all the application records and the most common fields for that application. Users can create custom views for themselves or for everyone in their domain. Custom views can include different fields and be filtered.  You can use the log view search to search for a word, phrase, or value in a specific field or the entire log view.

 To perform a log view search, complete the following steps:

  1. In the application, click the log view icon to ensure that you are in a log view.

  2. Select the log view where you want to perform the search.
  3. Click the Search icon to open the search fields.
  4. To search the whole log view, select Search All. To search in a specific field, click Search All and select the field.

  5. Enter the search term. The results will appear in the list below.

How to apply a quick filter

Some log views include a quick filter option. You can use quick filters to further refine your log view. To apply a quick filter, complete the following steps:

  1. Click the filter icon in the header of the log view.
  2. Select the field or fields you want to filter by and the values to include in the filter.
  3. The log view will be filtered by the values you select, and those values will appear in log view header. Note that this filter is applied to the currently selected log view. For example, if your current log view excludes drawings that are "Submitted to QA", you cannot use the quick filter to include them. You would need to change the log view to one that includes those drawings.
  4. To remove a quick filter, click the X next to the value in the log view header. If you switch log views, the quick filters will be removed.

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