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Share Manager

The Share Manager app is typically an application for the domain administrators to manage. After opening the application, three tabs available: Inbound, Outbound, and Project Shares.

Inbound Shares

On the inbound shares tab, a domain admin can view all the open shares that have been shared with your company, with details that include the Source Company, Source Project, Application, and Status of the share.


Outbound Shares

Within the Outbound tab, with permissions, a user can view any outbound shares (that may have been created via Sharing an app OR an invite template), create a new share, or edit an existing share.

Details that can be viewed on existing shares consist of the following:

To add a new share from the current project, click Add. Then select the appropriate application, who to share with, and the permissions for the share. Then click Send Invitation.

After the share has been sent and made active, the company issuing the share is still able to make modifications to the permission level that was originally given and can apply filters or modify existing filters.

Project Sharing 

While in any project (except for the domain or root partition), a share can be sent that includes multiple apps in the share. To create a new project share:

  1. Open the Project Sharing tab and click New.
  2. Provide the following details:
    • Name – type a name for the share, this could be the project name
    • Company – this is the company that the share should go to
    • Contact – after selecting the company, the list of contacts will filter down to the list of contacts for that company
    • Permission Group –depending on the third party you are sending the share to, you will want to select the appropriate permission group for them. Any shares (apps) you include in this share will adhere to the permissions defined for that app in the permission group selected.
    • Apps – in the Apps section of the form, insert as many line items as required (based upon number of apps you wish to share). List the App, List/Folder (if applicable), and whether you wish to leave a static copy of the data on the third party’s domain upon termination. Note that in this share, you are unable to filter accordingly. If initiating shares with a filter applied, you will need to do so in each individual application at this time.

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