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December 2016 Release Notes

In addition to various performance improvements, user interface updates and error corrections, this release will also include:

Direct Link Functionality

Users can now get a link to each document within Kahua.  This link will navigate any user directly to the document, regardless if the user is logged in or not, in a different app or project, or even over shared apps.  Access to the linked document is still controlled by permissions, so in the event an unwanted party clicks the link, they will not be permitted to access your data.  This functionality can be used to add in an AutoCAD or BIM file to link directly to an RFI; or added to an email to link to a file stored in File Manager.  The uses are endless!  To access the link, click the link icon in the top right corner of the detail pane and it will automatically be copied to your clipboard.


Sign In Updates

The sign in page has been updated such that when logging in, the email address and password are entered on separate screens.  Additionally, the profile picture will be displayed during log in.  This change was made in support of the Single Sign On functionality now available.  Please contact your Professional Services consultant for more information on enabling Single Sign On for your organization.  

Limited View Role

A new permission role has been added for most apps called "LimitedView".  The LimitedView role works differently from other roles in that it does not grant access to any documents within an app.  This is a restrictive role which will remove the following actions:

Log Quick Print




View PDF

This role should be used in conjunction with the traditional access granting roles like Contributor and Observer.  For example, users that are a member of a group assigned the Observer and LimitedView roles will have the ability to view all records in an app, but will not be able to Send, Download or otherwise access the restricted functionality.

New File Manager Role:  View Only

A new role has been added to File Manager called "ViewOnly".  The ViewOnly role will allow group members with this role to open the File Manager app and view files and folders only.  Users will not be able to download, send or perform other actions that would provide direct access to the physical file.

Expanding Groups On Sending

When including groups as recipients of a Message, Kahua now provides the ability to explode the group into its individual members.  Once a group has been expanded, it cannot be collapsed.  

Mobile Updates

The iOS and Android apps have been updated.  Included in these updates:

-When logging in via a mobile app, the active project from the previous session will remain as your active project

-The Messaging app is now available on mobile devices

-When uploading files on your mobile device, such as pictures, users are now permitted to upload up to 10 files at a time

Download the appropriate app for your device:

Kahua Mobile for iOS on iTunes

Kahua Mobile for Android on Google Play

Mobile app updates will be released as approved by Apple and Google.  It may take up to 14 days for the app updates to become available in each respective store.  

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