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November 2015 Release Notes

In addition to various performance improvements, user interface updates and error corrections, this release will also include:

Projects app:

Users can now define a project roster within the Projects app.  Contacts assigned to these attributes are available as tokens that can be used on portable view templates throughout Kahua.

Document Management
The Meetings app has been updated to use the References control instead of Attachments.  This allows users to leverage the Composite Document functionality as well as Initiating/Destination documents when processing to/from Meetings.  Additional updates to the Meetings app include better handling of Meeting Series functionality along with Start and End Date validation.

Desktop Report Writer:

A desktop report writer is now available to create powerful custom reports including cross-project and cross-app reporting.  A training video on how to enable and use the tool can accessed at the link below:

The desktop report writer install package can be downloaded from:

Portable View Tokens:

Users now have additional formatting options to show Currency attributes as text within portable view templates:

[Currency(Source=Attribute,Path=path to attribute,Format="format")]

For path to attribute in the above sample token, use the attribute path as indicated on the Tokens tab in Configuration.  

For format in the above example token, us the following options: 

"WordsLowerCase" - will display currency text in all lower case words. Eg. $100.10 is one hundred dollars and ten cents 

"WordsUpperCase" - will display currency text in all upper case words. Eg. $1000.20 is ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS AND TWENTY CENTS

"WordsMixedCase" - will display currency text in title case. Eg. $350.12 is Three Hundred Fifty Dollars And Twelve Cents

"Words" - same as WordsMixedCase

An example token to bring in the Original Contract Amount as mixed case words on an Expense Change Order is:


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