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Invite new users to Kahua by going to the Users app under the Administration menu. Typically, you will only invite employees to be users of your domain. All other business partners will set up their own Kahua site and user accounts to collaborate with

Before making someone a user, they first must be entered as a contact in the Contacts app.

To invite a user:

  1. Open the Users application.
  2. Click New
  3. Select who you would like to invite from the contact list.
  4. After determining who to invite, provide a platform license if there are any available.
  5. Click Send Invitation when done. An invitation will be sent to the contact via email. They will get an activation link in the email.

Note: The user status will be ‘Pending’ until the contact registers their account. The contact has 7 days to activate their account.

  1. If the user does not active their account in during the 7 days, the invitation can be resent by accessing their name in the User application and clicking Resend Invitation.

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