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Field Observations

NOTE: The below article details this feature for our customers utilizing our Kahua for Owner’s and Kahua for GC’s applications, which excludes custom workflow or configuration. Specific customer configuration, customers utilizing other versions of these applications, or custom application features may differ in functionality or processes to those outlined below. For more details on training guides specific to your company, please check with your company IT or Domain Administrator prior to submitting a request to Kahua Support. 

Kahua’s Field Observations app can be used to document defective work, lack of clean-up, lack of manpower, etc. The process includes workflow so the Responsible Party can reply, provide updates, and notify you when they have fixed the issue.  

Create an Observation

  1. Within the appropriate project, navigate to and open the Field Observations app.  
  2. Click New.
  3. Complete the appropriate fields (illustration to the right). 
    • Be as descriptive as possible in the Description field.
    • Observed By – defaults to the user’s name.
    • When Responsible Contact is entered, Responsible Company is populated automatically.
    • Enter a Due Date but leave Resolved Date for the recipient.
    • Options in the Location drop-down list can be set up in your project kickoff meeting with IT.
    • Attach References (e.g. photos) as needed.
    • Add any photos of the observation in the Media section.
  4. Click Save/Close.
  5. Click View to check the document for accuracy. 
  6. Click Send to Responsible.

Respond to an Observation

  1. Click on the Field Observation task in the Tasks app.
  2. Enter Comments/Updates and click Submit Update if the work is not complete.

        - or - 

        Enter Comments/Updates and click Mark Complete if the work is complete.

       - or -

        Click Return and enter a Reason (e.g. the items belong to a different company).

Note:  A task will remain with the contract throughout the updates process.  Only when the mark it complete does it go away.


Close an Observation

  1. Click on the Observation and view all comments and the status.
  2. Add Comments as needed.
  3. Click Close


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