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July 2022 Punch List Enhancements


The Punch List App has been updated with enhanced functionality for the Field and Office user. There are new workflows and a project specific punch list library simplifying data entry during the Punch phase. Additionally, you can pin punch list items to your drawings to better visualize where there are open defects during project close out. 



When viewing a drawing the right side panel shows the punch list items. The highlighted row displays the corresponding pin in red. Customize views with filters to see desired pins for the opened drawing. For example, you can filter by Assigned punch list items to see where there are opened items to be corrected or by items that are Ready for Approval to see what needs to be approved. 


Drawings can be opened by tapping on the desired one from the thumbnail view.

Easily add punch list pins by clicking the plus sign and then tapping where to add the pin. Fill in the punch list details in the right side panel.

Location Awareness Automation

Use QR Codes generated by Kahua’s QR Code app or your own. The QR Code reads the url of the location record from the Location app. 

The Punch List app will filter the list of records based on the scanned QR code and then use that location when adding new records.  



Location Boundary Mapping

In File Manager, open a drawing from the Pinnable Folder to create location boundaries. Add shapes to block out locations then tag them by clicking on the Tag icon. This displays the project locations from the Locations App. Select a shape and then click on a location to tag it. Tags can be removed by clicking on the location tag. Save the file and open the punch list app. When dropping pins inside the location boundary the location field for the punch list record is automatically filled in.

Configuring Drawings for Pinning

Pinning must be configured in File Manager for use with the Punch List app. Add one or more pinnable folder types then add the punch list drawings to those folders. Pinnable folders can be created after enabling Pinnable Drawings in the File Manager Configuration under the Workflows section.




The Punch List Library has been converted to a separate app. There is a Master, Template and Project specific option within the library. The Master Library is a global list of punch list types with respective defects. The Template Library is a subset of the Master Library. For example, create templates based on project types and select the common defect types for those templates from the Master Library. 

Optionally apply one template library to a project and further customize the project library with new types for the project. Both the applied template and project types can have a default responsible party for use when creating defects. For example, assign the Drywall contractor to the Drywall type and when adding new punch list items the drywall contractor will be assigned as the Responsible party when the Drywall type is selected as the punch list type. NOTE: The original punch list library has been deprecated but is still available for use with the original workflows. It is accessible in the Other section in the Apps list.




Age and Disputed attributes are added. The Age field indicates how long a punch list item has been open. It is calculated as the difference between the current date and creation date while open. Once it’s complete it’s calculated as the difference between the complete date and creation date.

The Disputed field is a checkbox that can be used to track disputed items.



The Kahau Punch List Workflow and Kahua Punch List Multiple Responsible Workflow have updated statuses to improve the progress tracking for punch list items. The statuses are;

  • Open – workflow hasn’t been initiated
  • Assigned – workflow is initiated and routed to the responsible party
  • Ready for Approval  - workflow step routed to the Approver after the responsible party has completed. The workflow will continue routing to the remaining approvers if they are assigned to the punch list item. 
  • Closed – workflow is completed once the last approver has approved the punch list item or the punch list item has been locked outside of the workflow. 

The Kahua Punch List Workflow allows for one responsible party. Initiating the workflow by selecting the Send to Responsible command assigns the punch list record to the responsible party. Once the work is complete the next step is to send for approval. If multiple approvers are assigned to the punch list item it will be routed sequentially from Approver 1 –> Approver 2 -> Approver 3. If any of the Approvers reject the punch list item it is routed back to the responsible party for correction.

The Kahua Punch List Multiple Responsible Workflow is the same as the Kahua Punch List Workflow except it allows for multiple parties to be responsible for completing the punch list item. For example, if there is a defect that requires a drywaller, plumber and electrician all three parties can be assigned to the punch list item.  When the item is sent to the responsible party all parties receive a task to complete. Once all parties complete the punch list item the first Approver can see and approve the punch list item. If there are multiple approvers the same process is followed as described in the previous workflow until completion. 

NOTE: The original workflows have been deprecated but are still available for use with existing projects. They are labeled – None (Deprecated), Kahau Punch List Workflow (Deprecated) and Kahua Punch List Multiple Responsible Workflow (Deprecated).



Generally, when a project moves into the Official Punch List phase there are open completion items that need to be shared. The ability to move a punch list record to a different list is available. Select one or more punch list items in the Log view, choose the MOVE action on the toolbar, then select the desired list to move the punch list items to. Punch list items in any state can be moved to a different list. Duplicates are permitted if the project is configured to allow them. If not, the duplicate IDs will need to be corrected before they can be moved. 



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