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Working with Custom Views Across Projects

Kahua dashboards are structured to create a dashboard once to use across all projects. For dashboards to function correctly across projects requires that Custom Views for individual dashboard widgets be set up correctly. 

When creating a custom view, the view definition is inherited down the project hierarchy and made available to the application and dashboards in the same path as the view. A view created in a project on one path is NOT available to a project that is on a different branch. 

How do I ensure my custom views are set up correctly?

The best method to ensure that dashboard widgets work across projects is to set up your custom views at the highest level possible. If you have two projects, Project A and Project B, at the same level in your hierarchy; set up your custom view at their parent partition or higher for each project to inherit it. If you set up your custom view in Project A, it will NOT be available to dashboards in Project B regardless of whether you configure an identical view in Project B.  


Will a dashboard widget work across projects if I create two identical custom views on separate branches of my project hierarchy? 

No. Each custom view has a unique ID. Regardless of whether two custom views share the same name and configuration, they are independent of one another. 


Do I need to do anything with Default Views to share across projects?

No. A default view shares the same ID across all projects. Dashboard widget definitions that point to a default view will work across the domain. 

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