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Templatizing Work Breakdown Cost Structure

Kahua allows for creation of a cost code / activity code structure that may be copied as part of the initiation of new projects. This may ensure that all projects follow a consistent activity code structure, which may assist in reporting across projects in the future. This may also avoid import of a cost code structure to each project upon its creation. 


WBS will be included in the project copy if copying from a Template – this means that the template project must have activity codes already imported / set up as desired. 


To add cost codes to a template project, a user with appropriate permission may manually create the cost code structure, OR import accordingly using a blank export as a starting point. 


Note that the Work Breakdown structure in Kahua is hierarchical, meaning all codes must have ‘parent’ codes. This means that a typical structure will roll up to a project total, with one or several layers of codes beneath. Each code consists of segments, that may be defined in the Work Breakdown app configuration. 


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