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Submittal Registry Wizard

The Submittal Registry Wizard provides a way to generate Submittal Items while viewing the specification document so users can be more efficient while gaining an understanding of the project by reviewing the spec itself.  

To create your submittal registry via the wizard, perform the following tasks:

  1. In the CSI Codes app for your project, create your CSI Codes.
  2. Upload the spec as an attachment to a CSI Code.
     NOTE:  If you have a single spec file for the entire project, it is recommended that you upload the file to the first code.  If the spec is broken down into multiple files, such as by division or by each individual code, you can upload the file to the appropriate code.
  3. Open the Packaged Submittals app to the Items subapp.
  4. Click the “Registry” button to open the wizard dialog.  The dialog will open with a list of CSI Codes on the left and the first spec file it finds in the viewer on the right.
  5. Search or scroll through the spec in the viewer until you encounter an area that calls out submittal requirements.
     NOTE:  Use the file selector above the viewer to load a spec from a different code.
  6. Select the appropriate code on the left side to expand the section.
     Note – Steps 5 and 6 may be reversed based on user preference
  7. Insert the appropriate number of rows within the grid for each Code based on the different types of Submittals requested for that code.
    -The Subject will populate based on the Description of the CSI Code.
    -The page number will populate based on the current page open in the viewer.
     -Other attribute values will populate based on the default settings established in Configuration for the project.
  8. Fill in the content for each Item as needed.  
    -Users can copy/paste content from the viewer into an attribute. For example, copy the submittal detail from the spec into the Description attribute within the grid.
    -Users should only fill out relevant information. If the submittal item applies to the entire project, the Location attribute should be left blank.
     -Use the “Clone” button at the beginning of each row to create a clone of that Submittal Item.  This is very useful when there are multiple similar items that necessitate their own Submittal.  For example, if multiple Product Data submittals are required for different sizes of materials or there are multiple Shop Drawing submittals required for different locations, simply create the first one with all of the content and then clone it.  Once cloned, the user can make the adjustments needed for the additional submittals.
  9. Repeat Steps 5-8 as needed
  10. Click “Next” to advance to the next step
  11. Complete additional information, including any required fields
  12. Save – Creates new Submittal Items and returns to the log
     Submit (if workflow is enabled) – Creates new Submittal Items and sends Task to the Submitting Vendor to complete additional information

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