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File Manager - Viewing Files

When selecting a file in a folder, the preview view displays two tabs.

  • Viewer – renders the image or document as a PDF and provides options for viewing the image, adding markups, and utilizing the compare feature.
  • Details – displays the metadata, revision details and status, versions, and references for that file.

The Viewer Toolbar lets you manage your view of the drawing.

  1. Page – Indicates which number page you are on of the total number of pages in the file or drawing.  If there are multiple pages in the document file, arrow keys will appear here that you can use to navigate through the pages. 
  2. Zoom – Shows your current zoom level on the drawing.  Select a level from the dropdown list, manually enter a level and press Enter, or use Ctrl + your mouse wheel to zoom in and out from the current cursor location.
  3. Fit Page – Fits the file image to the display area.
  4. Fit Width – Fits the file image to width of the display area.
  5. Text Selection – Allows you to select text on the image.  After clicking on this tool, use your mouse to select the text. Use Ctrl+C to copy the selected text to your clipboard.
  6. Search – Opens a text search window. When you enter the search criteria, the total number of search results will appear with the results highlighted in yellow on the page. You can use the arrows to scroll through the results on the image.
  7. View – Select one of the following options:
    • Show Markups - Show or hide existing markups
    • Show Markup Panel - Show existing markups in a table at the bottom of the display area. 
    • Show Hyperlinks - Show existing hyperlinks.
    • Info - Displays file information, such as the calibration status, internal rotation, page rotation, correction rotation, page zoom, number of annotations, etc.
  8. Rotate Counter Clockwise – Rotates the image counter-clockwise.  When done while in markup mode and saved, the rotation is saved with the drawing and will appear rotated to anyone viewing the drawing. 
  9. Rotate Clockwise – Rotates the image clockwise. When done while in markup mode and saved, the rotation is saved with the drawing and will appear rotated to anyone viewing the drawing. 
  10. Open File – Opens a PDF file in the default browser or will use the default browser to download the PDF version of the file to the local downloads folder.
  11. Compare – Opens the Compare Files dialog.  Select a second file to compare with this one. To learn more about the Compare feature, refer to File Manager - Compare Feature.
  12. Open views - Click here to switch to an open view in this app. 
  13. Maximize/Minimize - Click here to maximize the drawing display area.  From that view, click the Minimize icon to return to the standard view.
  14. Close - Click here to close the current view.

In addition to the tools listed above, you can use your mouse and your keyboard keys to navigate through the file in the following ways: 

  • Click and drag with your mouse to pan through the image. 
  • Press the Ctrl key and use your mouse wheel to zoom in and out at the location of the curser.
  • Press Shift and use your mouse wheel to pan left and right.
  • Press Alt and use your mouse wheel to pan up and down.
  • Use the arrow keys to pan left, right, up, and down. 
  • Use the Page Up and Page Down keys to scroll through a multi-page document.
  • Use the Home key to jump to the first page.  Use the End key to jump to the last page.

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