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Portfolio Manager

NOTE: The below article details this feature for our customers utilizing our Kahua for Owner’s and Kahua for GC’s applications, which excludes custom workflow or configuration. Specific customer configuration, customers utilizing other versions of these applications, or custom application features may differ in functionality or processes to those outlined below. For more details on training guides specific to your company, please check with your company IT or Domain Administrator prior to submitting a request to Kahua Support. 

The Portfolio Management application within Kahua is where you can (with appropriate permissions) create new projects (also accessible from Project Finder) and update existing projects. You can also utilize the Manage tab to dynamically access a variety of other features to help you manage your project (budgets, meetings, etc.).

There are two different ways to access and update your project details. The first is using the pencil icon. 

  1. Navigate to the Project in your Project Finder. When you have selected the project, it will appear in the top center of your navigation bar.
  2. Click on the Pencil Icon to open the Portfolio Management view – this is your ‘quick edit’ button to access your basic project information, as well as to access the Manage tab which will allow you to easily open other features needed to properly manage your project.
  3. Your Portfolio Management app is sub-divided into tabs per below:
    • Information - Basic project information, including project details, measurements, project health and status, address or property, and the project roster can be found and edited here.
    • Manage - A drop-down selection of apps used on your project can be found in the manage tab. Select the app that you want to quickly access from the drop-down and the related records will populate the log. Click on a record in the log to open the app in a new window. 

The second way to access and update your project details is through the Portfolio Manager app. This is particularly helpful when you need to update multiple projects at the same time. Navigate in the Project Finder to a partition above the project details you would like to update. From here you can open Portfolio Management and edit one project at a time.

Another option is to Edit multiple project details at once. Tip: Make sure you use different Views to access all projects in the hierarchy or different columns to multi-edit. 



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