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September 2015 Release Notes

A video overview of this release can be viewed here:

In addition to various performance improvements, user interface updates and error corrections, this release will also include:

Browser Access
Users will be prevented from logging in to Kahua using an unsupported browser, including Chrome.  There are two options for accessing Kahua via PC:
1. Via browser: Internet Explorer
2. Via our desktop host: To install our desktop host, while logged in to Kahua, simply right click on the Go button and select "Install Kahua onto this computer..."

User Registration
The user registration process has been updated to provide a better experience for first time users.  During registration, new registrants must either select an existing company to join or search for their company prior to creating a new company. 

When creating a new company, the user’s email domain will be added to the whitelist for auto-approval of join requests from future new users with the same email domain.  This setting can be adjusted in Go>Admin>Domain Settings.  We have also included additional Messaging to Admins as new users come on board. 

Getting Started
The Getting Started app has been updated with the following:

  • A list of recently received Messages
  • A list of recently received Tasks
  • A chart of open Tasks by app
  • A chart of open Tasks by due date
  • A list of recently accessed Projects

Each of these new sections are clickable and will navigate you to the selected item

The Getting Started app opens by default for all users and can be accessed at any time from the Go menu.

NOTE:  Existing tasks will display as "Unknown" in the Tasks By App chart.    

The Tasks app has been updated to include columns for the source App and Project

NOTE:  Existing tasks will not include this information.  

The footers of emails generated from Kahua Messages now include a list of recipients as well as a link to the Message in Kahua.

Permissions for Apps that are not project specific, such as People, Companies, etc., can now be assigned at the project level.  Changing this permission within any project will update the setting for all projects.


Recipients of shares will see an update in their list selection, including an icon that they have a shared list open and information about who initiated the share and when it started.

Unsaved Changes
A “dirty dot” has been added to the detail pane to indicate specific records that have any unsaved changes.

Document Management
The Submittals app has been updated to use the References control instead of Attachments.  This allows users to leverage the Composite Document functionality as well as Initiating/Destination documents when processing to/from Submittals.

Cost Management
The ability to process records between apps has been added for:
Issue Item to Expense Change Request
Funding Change Request Items to Expense Change Requests and Expense Change Orders
Funding Change Order to Expense Change Order


Enabling Apps
The ability to enable/disable apps within a project has been relocated to the General tab of the detail pane of the configuration screen. 

Admins now have the ability to number documents based on like attribute values.  For example, Change Orders are typically numbered sequentially by the Contract being changed and not incremented across all Change Orders.  Another example is Submittals, where you may want to have Submittals pertaining to each CSI Code section start at 001.  Additionally, the Prefix and Suffix values now accept tokens to dynamically generate a document number.  Also new to configuration is the “Prompt” text which will populate the number attribute until the attributes named in the Prefix and Suffix are entered.  Configuration settings are included in the screenshots below for these two examples.

  • Parent Attribute Name:  The attribute used to determine how document numbers are incremented.  Leave this value blank to increment all documents sequentially.
  • Prefix/Suffix: Text string and/or token from the token table to precede/proceed the document number
  • Prompt:  Text string that will appear in the Number field on the document until all conditions of the prefix and suffix are met 


Several new applications are now available! Please visit the kStore for details. 

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