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August 2014 Release Notes

A video overview of this release can be viewed here:

Included in this month's release:

·         Configurable Logos

Admins now have the ability to define the logo that is displayed on the PDF view of Kahua records.  Options include:

o   Inherit – Inherit from parent project

o   Domain – The logo defined on the Domain’s Company Profile

o   Kahua Default – The “kFlake”

o   Attribute – Company/People attributes available on the Kahua record


Users can update this setting in Configuration for each project and application.  For example, to use the company logo of the user who documented a Meeting, the admin will need to update the Portable Views tab in Configuration for the Meeting app and set the Logo Source to “Prepared By”. 


A few points for consideration:

o   By default, the domain logo will appear on all Kahua documents and inherit down through your project structure

o   Configuration changes will also update any child projects that are set to “Inherit”

o   Any PDF portable views previously rendered will not be changed.  To update the logo on an existing record, you will need to edit the record and re-save it.




·         Printing List Views

Users now have the ability to print or PDF their customized list view.  Once a user has modified how a list is viewed, either by sorting, searching, filtering or adjusting column display, the results can be printed or saved electronically.  This feature provides an easy and fast way to generate a hard copy or PDF for distribution to other non-Kahua users.



There is currently an outstanding issue with printing lists from the Communications and Recycle Bin apps that will be corrected with our next release.  We will also be adding this functionality to other apps, such as Tasks and File Manager, over the next several months.


·         References In RFIs

The Attachments control within the RFI application has been replaced with the more robust References control.  The References control not only allows user to add uploaded files or other Kahua documents as attachments, it also stores initiating and destination documents when the Process action is invoked.  Additionally, the References control includes our Composite Document compiler, which allows users to take several documents and files and merge into one single PDF.  Note that all existing RFI attachments have been migrated to the References control as a Supporting Document. 



·         Introduction of the Funding Change Request application as part of the Cost Management Suite.  This app is intended to be used for upstream requests prior to being added as a formal Funding Change Order. 


·         Several additional new applications are now available!  Please visit the kStore for details. 


·         Various performance improvements, user interface updates and error fixes.


The Kahua Mobile apps have also been updated with the latest changes to the Kahua platform.  Please access the app using the appropriate link below for your device:


Kahua Mobile for iOS on iTunes


Kahua Mobile for Android on Google Play


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